Elite Four and Champion Walkthrough [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

Strong Trainers await as you step forth to enter the Pokemon League

Below are detailed information on recommended strategies for battling the Elite Four and Champion for Pokémon Sun and Moon. Explaining the recommended measures when facing strong Pokémon. The Exp, money, and some recommended Party Pokémon to use against them are also shown below.

Pokémon league

  1. Challenging the Pokémon League.

You will encounter Professor Kukui who is waiting for you when you enter the building.
You will first have to battle against the Elite Four awaiting for you along the path.

Kahili (Flying-Type)

Enter the green room from the lower right passage to face the Elite Four member Kahili.

Elite Four Kahili Reward:11000 pokédollars

[Battle Tip]
Since Kahili uses Flying-types, it’s best to use Electric or Rock type Pokemons against them. Be careful when facing Mandibuzz because it can use Bone Rush which is super-effective against Electric and Rock type Pokemon. The battle becomes easier after defeating Mandibuzz. The next Pokémon is Oricorio which uses a Fire-type move, so it is recommended that you save Magnezone for the last opponent. Toucannon many different types of moves as well as a Z-Move.

Pokémon Type Move
SkarmoryLv.54 Flying/Steel Spikes
MandibuzzLv.54 Dark/Flying Bone Rush
Brave Bird
OricorioLv.54 Fire/Flying Revelation Dance
Teeter Dance
Air Slash
Feather Dance
CrobatLv.54 Poison/Flying Air Slash
ToucannonLv.55 Normal/Flying Brick Break
Rock Blast
Bullet Seed

Acerola (Ghost-Type)

Enter the purple room from the top right passage to face the Elite Four member Acerola.

Elite Four Acerola Reward:11000 pokédollars

[Battle Tip]
Acerola specializes on Ghost-types so it is recommended to use Dark-types for this battle. Many of the Pokémon are fragile like Sableye and Froslass which makes Dark-type moves efficient in dealing with them. Next is Palossand, which in spite of its weakness to water-type moves, it is better to forego using Gyarados’ Aqua Tail against it as its ability Water Compaction can boost its Defense by two stages. If using Gyarados, use Crunch instead. Finally, when battling Drifblim, using physical moves will be wise because it can easily boost its Special Defense stat with Amnesia.

Pokémon Type Move
SableyeLv.54 Dark/Ghost Shadow Claw
Confuse Ray
Fake Out
FroslassLv.54 Ice/Ghost Confuse Ray
Shadow Ball
DrifblimLv.54 Ghost/Flying Amnesia
Ominous Wind
Focus Energy
DhelmiseLv.54 Ghost/Grass Shadow Ball
PalossandLv.55 Ground/Ghost Z-Move(Ghost)


Enter the brown room from the top left passage to face the Elite Four member Olivia.

Elite Four Olivia Reward:11000 pokédollars

[Battle Tip]

Olivia specializes on Rock-type Pokemons so it is recommended to use Ground-type Pokemons for this battle. Probopass carries disrupting moves such as Thunder Wave and Sandstorm which can annoy your Pokémon if you do not have any countermeasures against them. Using a Fighting-type can deal massive damage because Probopass is weak to it, and if you have a Z-Move it is highly recommended to use it against Probopass. Golem (Alola) is now part Electric which can give problems if you decide to use a Water-type, so as mentioned above you should use a Ground-type move as it will do x4 damage against it. Finally, Lycanroc should be dealt with caution as it can use a Rock Z-Move.

Pokémon Type Move
RelicanthLv.54 Water/Rock Yawn
Hydro Pump
Ancient Power
ProbopassLv.54 Rock/Steel Thunder Wave
Power Gem
Earth Power
CarbinkLv.54 Rock/Fairy Power Gem
Golem(Alola)Lv.54 Rock/Electric Rock Blast
Thunder Punch
LycanrocLv.55 Rock Crunch



Enter the yellow room from the lower left passage to face the Elite Four member Hala.
Elite Four Hala Reward:11000 pokédollars

[Battle Tip]

It’s not very wise to use a Ghost-type Pokemon against Hariyama because it can aim for a Ghost-type Pokemons weak point with Knock Off. Crabominable is dangerous since it can use Ice Hammer which can be problematic especially when using flying-types so you should switch to a Fire, Water or Steel Type, with Fire being the best type since it can has the best type-advantage out of the three. Bewear cannot do much given its typing when dealing with Ghost-types, this makes a ghost-type switch-in advantageous making it easier to heal Pokemons in your party. The rest of Hala’s team can be easily defeated with a Psychic-type move.

Pokémon Type Move
HariyamaLv.54 Fighting Knock Off
Close Combat
Fake Out
PrimeapeLv.54 Fighting Crunch
PoliwrathLv.54 Water/Fighting Submission
Bewear Normal/Fighting Hammer Arm
CrabominableLv.55 Fighting/Ice Ice Hammer
Close Combat

Professor Kukui

  1. After defeating all the members of the Elite Four, the entrance to the central gate will open. You will move automatically once you have made it to the center. The final battle will be against the Professor!
Pokémon Professor Kukui Reward:13920 pokédollars

[Battle Tip]

Unlike the Elite Four members, the Professor does not specialize in a specific-type so it is suggested that your team consists of different types. He will disperse Stealth Rock with Lycanroc which can be troublesome whenever you need to switch. Since Lycanroc is a Rock-type, you must use it to your advantage by sending out a Grass or Water-type. When he sends out Snorlax, use a Physical attack as its Defense is not as bulky as its Sp. Defense. Be careful of Magnezone as it possesses a high Sp. Atk. You can easily finish it off with a Ground-type Move. If you do not have an Electric or Rock-type move, it can be problematic to deal with his Braviary because it can fire strong moves like Brave Bird and Close Combat. Ninetales (Alola) uses Blizzard, but since it has a low Accuracy, it is best to send out a Pokémon with good durability.

His final Pokémon is dependent on the starter that neither you nor Hau have selected during the start of your adventure. Additionally, since Z-Moves can deal huge damage, Pokémon that are not naturally bulky in terms of Defense can faint easily from it. Using a Pokemon as a shield against its Z-Move is an option.

Pokémon Type Move
LycanrocLv.57 Rock Stealth Rock
SnorlaxLv.56 Normal High Horsepower
MagnezoneLv.56 Electric/Steel Thunderbolt
Flash Cannon
BraviaryLv.56 Normal/Flying Brave Bird
Close Combat
Ninetales(Alola)Lv.56 Ice/Fairy Blizzard

Initial selection on Pokémon Status

If your starter is Rowlet
Fire/Dark Darkest Lariat


If your starter is Litten
Water/Fairy Sparkling Aria


If your starter is Popplio
Grass/Haunter Spirit Shackle


Strategy recommendation party

▶ Gyarados

One of the best Pokemons to use. Its physical attacks are very powerful since its Attack is very high. It is suggested to use its Aqual Tail against Olivia, while Crunch for Acerola. With the ability Intimidate, it has good durability and if you can set-up with Dragon Dance you can defeat an Elite Four Member even if your Gyarados is at a low-level. Be wary when going against Electric-types since Gyarados can’t do anything against it.

▶ Magnezone

It possesses good typing through the combination of Electric and Steel which can be formidable when battling Kahili and Olivia. If the starter you chose is Litten, Magnezone can be used in when going against Primarina. Having a strong Sp.Atk stat allows it to deal consistent damage to almost any Pokémon. Be wary of Pokemons that use Ground-type moves.

▶ Mudsdale

If you are looking for a good Ground-Type, Mudsdale can prove to be quite helpful especially when you battle Olivia. With the ability Stamina, its Defense will be increased by one stage each time it takes damage making it highly durable in the long run. This makes it a bulky Wall which can stall for you to heal your teammates on your party. It is blessed with Heavy Slam, a decent Steel-type Move.

▶ Muk (Alola)

The Alolan form of Muk is advantageous when facing Acelora because Dark-type Pokemons are effective against her. STAB moves like Crunch and Gunk Shot will do massive damage. If you want to prevent your opponent from abusing a specific Move, having it learn Disable can be helpful.

▶ Arcanine

Being an offensive Fire-type you should use it when you challenge the Elite Four and the Champion. If it has learned Crunch, it can be useful against Acelora’s Pokémon. It is advised to bring its level up to Lv.45 before evolving it to Arcanine so that it can learn Flare Blitz.

▶ Sylveon

Pokemon that can be obtained by evolving Eevee. When battling Hala, it can easily plow through his entire team because it can learn a Moonblast which is a strong special move. Apart from its strong offense, it can also act as a special shield.

▶ First choice of Pokémon
(Decidueye · Incineroar · Primarina)

Your starter can also be valuable asset against the Elite Four and the Champion if you raised it well. Once you have knocked out the identified threats from your opponent’s team, the starters can easily make quick work of the remainder of their team.

Decidueye has type advantage against Hala’s and Acerola’s teams

Incineroar should be used against Acerola’s team

Primarina can handle Olivia’s and Hala’s teams

After Hall of Fame

  1. You leave the festival with Lillie
  2. When the bridge collapses, you can head to the ruins to battle Tapu Koko and it would be to capture it if you have a chance. If in case you defeat it, you can still attempt to capture it by making it to the Hall of Fame again.
  3. You will receive a gift from Lillie on the following day and the ending will begin.
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    • What is your current team and level? Pokemon with Intimidate may help you set-up certain moves to sweep. If the pokemon with intimidate is pit against a physically offensive foe, it can cycle through intimidates to lower the enemy’s attack drastically. This helps to land an opportunity to proceed using buff moves like Dragon Dance, Swords Dance, etc. If I recall Mudsdale should be helpful if it happens to have the Stamina Ability.