Scan a QR Code! QR Codes List [Pokemon Sun and Moon]

QR Codes

QR Code: New Feature!

Wondering what to do with a QR Code? Well, time to scan it! As much as the new pokémon are nice to look at, there are times you want the old pokémon back. Some of these pokémon grew on you when you were playing the old versions. So how do you get them back when you can’t catch ’em? Since the 3Ds comes with a camera, they can scan QR codes. And lucky for you, we have the codes you need for certain pokémon you like. Just scroll through the slideshow to see which code belongs to the pokémon you like.

QR Code Gallery of Alola Forms

*All Pokémon under this gallery are in their Alola Forms.


QR Code Gallery of Pokémon

QR Code Gallery for Pokedex (Shiny)

Since you’re on the journey to complete your pokédex, why not check out the gallery to help you get your game going? After all, there are some pokémon you can’t find in either version of the game. Other times, you’re looking for a pokémon that’s exclusive only to the other game.


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