Bank Update [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

Update your Pokemon Bank Subscription and get the special Z-Crystal Mewnium-Z!

Special rewards await Bank Subscribers who own the Sun and Moon versions with the advent of the overhauled Bank update!

Support for Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow

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In addition to allowing Trainers to transfer their cherished Pokémon from the 3rd Generation and up; the update also allows transfer of Pokémon from the Red, Blue and Yellow versions for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. This feature kept fans hanging for a long time as there was no compatibility back in Generation III. Emulating the transfer method of Generations III, IV, and V; the Virtual Console Games also require the use of Poké Transporter first prior to Pokémon Bank.

For first time Bank users, do note however that this function only works one-way, in other words, you cannot send a Pokémon from a previous installment back to the game it originally came from.

Special Z-Crystal: Mewnium Z

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Apart from allowing transfer of Pokémon from Red, Blue and Yellow Versions of the Virtual Console, upon logging-in, Trainers will be able to obtain the Special Z-Crystal – Mewnium Z! In order to obtain the Mewnium Z in-game, simply boot your game and select Mystery Gift from the menu screen, then follow the instructions to claim it.

There’s a reasonable time for subscribers to claim the special item. According to the Pokémon Company, Trainers can avail of the special item until October 2, 2017. Time flies however, so be sure to get it before the event expires! Note also that even with two copies on the same Bank subscription, you can only avail of one Mewnium Z.

Speaking of which, this is the best time to transfer the the Wi-Fi distributed Mythical Mew from Generation VI. However, if you’re not in a hurry, there’s an alternative through the compatible 8F Glitched Mew. Do note however that this requires a tad bit more patience as opposed to the non-transferable famous Glitched Mew.

Determining the Virtual Console Pokemon’s Nature

In the older titles, most of the Pokemon’s Summary were crude. Apart from their Natures being non-existent, it seemed like a coin toss for Bank users at first when transferring Pokemon from these games. However, a Twitter post circulated with a surefire way to go around with this problem.

The table below provides a summary of the Nature adjustment upon transferring. Be sure to refer to your Pokemon’s EXP Summary on the original Red, Blue, or Yellow versions to obtain the desired Nature of your choice.

Source: Twitter

Looking back


Back in February 27 of last year, the Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow titles launched for the 3DS Virtual Console through the Nintendo E-Shop. This was in celebration of the Games’ 20th Anniversary. In other news, a special copy of Dragonite which knows Barrier, a special move known only by Elite Four member Lance’s during the older games was given out as a reward for all participants during the Kanto Classic Competition back in Generation VI.

To top it off, Trainers who subscribed to the Trainer Club Newsletter had obtained each of the Kanto Legendary birds with Hidden Abilities, special versions that were not given in any other event.

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