Pokemon Sun and Moon - List of Pokemon that Got Nerfed

Pokemon Sun and Moon has found a few pokemon that need nerfing. It might be good news, it might be bad news. Check here for the pokemon that got nerfed.

Everytime there’s a strong Pokémon, you know what that means. Time to get nerfed and hit ’em with a nerf bat! Because these Pokémon were  OP (overpowered), Pokémon Sun and Moon decided to nerf them. Compared to before, these Pokémon won’t be as powerful as they used to be. But nonetheless, they can still be a threat if you don’t play smart.

Nerfed Pokémon:


talonflame nerfed

No. Type
663 Fire Flying

 Ability nerf: Gale Wings

Gale Wings now only gives priority to Flying-type moves when on full HP. While it was HP-based, people often combined it with Roost to give a permanent +1 priority stat. Since it now requires full HP, Swords Dance stacking will be harder to do.



No. Type
94 Ghost Poison

Ability nerf: From Levitate –> Cursed Body, Details to Destiny Bond changed

Because his Levitate has changed into Cursed Body, Ground attacks can now hit it (P.S. They’re super effective too!). Even though he is in Mega Evolution, ground attacks can damage it. Also, the conditions for Destiny Bond changed. If Destiny Bond is used multiple times and its weakened then, there’s a higher chance of it failing.



No. Type
115 Normal

Ability nerf: Mechanics for Parental Bondchanged

Kangaskhan’s Mega Evolution ability changed. When it changes into its Mega Evolution, every move used by the Pokémon will hit twice. But on the second hit, instead of 50% less it’s now 25% less. If the move has damage, it can still inflict conditions or critical hits.



No. Type
642 Electric Flying

Ability nerf: Thunder Wave and Swagger

One of the the tactics involving Thunder Wave included using Substitute and Swagger to confuse the enemy. But now, the accuracy and the effects changed. Thunder Wave is now only 90% accurate. The reduced speed effect halved. Swagger, on the other hand, dropped to 85% accuracy with the chance of the opponent hurting oneself reduced to 30%. So, the tactic won’t be as powerful as before.



No. Type
235 Normal

Ability nerf: Dark Void Accuracy Ratio dropped

Unlike the Grass-type move Mushroom Effect Spore and the ability Sap Sipper, Dark Void hits two or more Pokémon. This made it too powerful; as it could easily turn the tides of battle. Thus to balance it, Dark Void’s accuracy rate dropped Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Nerfed Conditions

  • Paralysis – Speed only halved, not reduced to 25%.
  • Confusion – From 50%, it’s now only 30% of self-damage.
  • Burn – Burn ticks are at 1/16 from 1/8.

Nerfed Moves:

Trick name Previous Now
Tackle Power 50 Power 40
Sucker Punch Power 80 Power 70
Thunder Wave Hit rate of 100% Accuracy 90%
Dark Void Accuracy 80% Accuracy 50%
Swagger Accuracy 90% Accuracy 85%
Destiny Bond Success rate decreased in continuous use

Now with all these nerfs, you ready to battle? Think you can still pull it off? Balance your team well and take advantage of those nerfs. Knowing the nerfs will make battles a whole lot easier.

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