Tips and Tricks: Capturing High IV and Hidden Ability Pokemon Using SOS Calls [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

Tips on Finding Competitively Viable Pokemon from the SOS Calls

Detailed information for Pokémon Sun and Moon regarding factors affecting the probabilities that are involved when the Pokemon uses SOS Calls; and tips and tricks on how to obtain High IV and Hidden Ability Pokemon.

SOS Battles

During a battle against a wild and Totem Pokemon, the Pokemon may call another Pokemon to intrude. Whenever a Pokemon tries to call, the probability of calling and the probability of being called and actually participating in Battle is calculated as two different factors. Each of these two conditions are determined by other factors such as stat de-buff, using an item, etc. When more conditions are met, the chance of the Pokemon actually intruding the battle will increase.

◆ Conditions that raise the probability of calling an ally

◆ Conditions that raise the probability of the called Pokemon intruding the battle

  • When a Pokemon with the ability Intimidate, Pressure, or Unnerve is sent out.
  • When the same Pokemon had called for help in the previous turn.
  • When the Pokemon called for help in the previous turn but the SOS was unsuccessful
  • When the called Pokémon received a super effective Attack on the same turn it was called

Tips on obtaining strong SOS Pokémon

Whenever a Pokemon is summoned many times in a single battle, the chance of a Pokemon with 31 IV in one stat and a Pokemon with a Hidden Ability being called will increase. In order to increase your chances of obtaining a Pokemon that has the desired IV and/ or Ability, you should let a Pokemon call for SOS several times.

As the amount of SOS called Pokemon exceeds to 10, one of the individual values (IV) of the Pokemon called is determined and becomes a 31 IV. After that, the number of Max Individual Value (IV) increases every five calls. Using this technique, it can reach a maximum of (3) 31 IVs.

Aside from this, more than 10 exceeding calls will also increase the chances of encountering a Pokemon with a Hidden Ability. After exceeding 10 calls, the odds of the Pokemon having an Hidden Ability increases every fifth call.

SOS call chaining seems to be an effective method for obtaining Pokemon of exceptional quality. Therefore, it is the recommended method to obtain a Ditto with the desired Individual Values for Breeding and IV determination.

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