Strategy for Miltank [Pokemon Sun and Moon]

This article contains information for the Milk Cow Pokémon Miltank in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

The analysis would involve: the distribution of effort values, choice of movesets, recommended held items, and other suggested options. This will also show information on how to deal with the Pokemon during free battles and rating battles on Wi-Fi.

Basic Information for Miltank


Type 1 Type 2
Normal  –
Ability Hidden Ability
Thick Fat Sap Sipper
Scrappy  –
HP Attack Defense Sp.Atk Sp.Def Speed Base Stat Total
95 80 105 40 70 100 490
Type Compatibility
Super effective
Super effective
Not very effective
Not very effective
No effect Ghost

Using Miltank

The Pokemon has high defense and speed stats, making it a good fit for enduring several attacks.

Its special move Milk Drink can restore the Pokemon’s HP by 50%, and since it has high Speed, taking Miltank down could be difficult for opponents.

Miltank’s attributes are excellent, but its abilities can also be found on other Pokemon. Snorlax and Purugly have Thick Fat, Kangaskhan and Mega Lopunny have Scrappy, and Bouffalant and Stantler have Sap Sipper.

Take advantage of Miltank’s high speed and Milk Drink while using it in battles.

Recommended moves

Physical Move Special Move Special Move
Hammer Arm Stealth Rock
Iron Head Thunder Wave
Rock Slide Toxic
Return Sleep Talk
Thunder Punch Curse
Brick Break Milk Drink
Focus Punch
Zen Headbutt
Seismic Toss
Body Slam
Fire Punch
Ice Punch

Fitting Miltank in your team

Scrappy set

Ability Scrappy
Nature Jolly
Effort Values HP252, Speed100, others for Defense
Held Item Lum Berry/Leftovers
Recommended Move Body Slam/Substitute/Milk Drink
  • Scrappy causes Ghost-type Pokemon to be hit by Normal and Fighting type damage dealing moves.
  • Body Slam has a 30% chance of paralyzing the opponent. While the opponent is paralyzed, use the move Milk Drink to restore HP.

Countering Miltank

The move Thunder Wave paralyzes Miltank, making it unable to restore its health by using Milk Drink. Paralyzing the Pokemon is an effective strategy to bring it down easily.

Taunt is also a good counter as this can block the use of status moves.

If the opponent’s Pokemon doesn’t have the move Heal Bell, then Toxic is also a good counter move.

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