Main Adventure Summary [Pokemon Sun and Moon]

This article contains a summary of the main storyline, including Trial Captains, Island Kahunas, key items and more.

Main Adventure 1: Melemele Island

Trial Captain: Ilima
Totem Pokemon: Alolan Raticate (Sun)/Gumshoos (Moon)
Island Kahuna: Hala
Technical Machines (TM): No.01 Work Up/No.100 Confide/No. 11 Sunny Day/No.54 False Swipe
Useful facilities:
Unlocked Elements/Key Items : Exp. Share/Normal Z/Fighting Z/Ride Pager: Tauros

Main Adventure 2: Akala Island

From Heahea City up to Lana’s Trials

Trial Captain: Lana
Totem Pokémon: Wishiwashi
Technical Machines (TM): No.41 Torment / No.55 Scald / No.10 Hidden Power
Useful facilities: Pokémon Day Care
Unlocked Elements/Key Items: Ride Pager: Stoutland/Ride Pager: Lapras/Fishing

Main Adventure 3: Akala Island

From Paniola Ranch up to Kiawe’s Trials

Trial Captain: Kiawe
Totem Pokémon: Salazzle
Technical Machines (TM): No. 88 Sleep Talk/No.39 Rock Tomb
Useful facility: Royal dome
Unlocked Elements/Key Items: Fire Z/Ride Pager: Charizard

Main Adventure 4: Akala Island

From Mallow’s Trials up to first Ultra Beast

Trial Captain: Mallow
Totem Pokemon: Lurantis
Island Kahuna: Olivia
Technical Machines (TM): No.43 Flame Charge/No. 86 Grass Knot/No 67 Smark horn/No 28 Leech Life/No.29 Psychic
Useful facilities:
Unlocked Elements/Key Items: Grass Z /Rock Z

Main Adventure 5: Ula’Ula Island

From Malie City up to Sophocle’s Trials

Trial Captain: Sophocles
Totem Pokémon Vikavolt
Technical Machines (TM): No. 76 Fly/No. 72 Volt Switch
Useful facilities:
Unlocked Elements/Key Items: Electric Z/Steel Z

Main Adventure 6: Ula’Ula Island

From the trouble in Malie City up to Island Kahuna Nanu

Island Kahuna: Nanu
Technical Machine(TM): No. 74 Gyro Ball/No. 30 Shadow Ball/No. 93 Wild Charge/No. 81 X-Scissor/No. 84 Poison Jab/No.36 Sludge Bomb
Useful facilities: Resurrection Machine
Unlocked Elements/Key Items: Starter’s Z /Dark Z /Ghost Z/Bug Z/ Ride Pager: Mudsdale /Ride Pager: Sharpedo

Main Adventure 7: Aether Paradise

Main Trainer Encounter: Lusamine
Technical Machines (TM): No. 6 Toxic
Useful facilities:
Unlocked Elements/Key Items: Master Ball

Main Adventure 8: Poni Island

Totem Pokémon: Kommo-o
Island Kahuna: Hapu
Technical Machines (TM): No. 79 Frost Breath/No. 99 Dazzling Gleam/No.35 Flamethrower/No.02 Dragon Claw
Useful facilities:
Unlocked Elements/Key Items: Poison Z/Ground Z/ Fairy Z/ Dragon Z/Ride Pager: Machamp

Main Adventure 9: Pokémon League

Main Trainer Encuonter: Hau
Technical Machines (TM): No.13 Ice Beam
Useful facility:
Unlocked Elements/Key Items: Solgaleo (Sun) or Lunala (Moon) / Koory Z

Main Adventure 10: Elite Four and League Champion

Main Trainer Encounters: Elite Four and League Champion
Technical Machines (TM):
Useful facilities:
Unlocked Elements/Key Items:

Post-Game Adventure: Ultra Beast Event

Main Encounters: Ultra Beasts
Technical Machines (TM):
Useful facilities: Battle Tree/Judge
Key Pokemon/Key Items: Ultra Beasts/Necrozma/Type: Null/Cosmog

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