Main Adventure Summary [Pokemon Sun and Moon]

This article contains a summary of the main storyline, including Trial Captains, Island Kahunas, key items and more.

Main Adventure 1: Melemele Island

Trial Captain: Ilima
Totem Pokemon: Alolan Raticate (Sun)/Gumshoos (Moon)
Island Kahuna: Hala
Technical Machines (TM): No.01 Work Up/No.100 Confide/No. 11 Sunny Day/No.54 False Swipe
Useful facilities:
Unlocked Elements/Key Items : Exp. Share/Normal Z/Fighting Z/Ride Pager: Tauros

Main Adventure 2: Akala Island

From Heahea City up to Lana’s Trials

Trial Captain: Lana
Totem Pokémon: Wishiwashi
Technical Machines (TM): No.41 Torment / No.55 Scald / No.10 Hidden Power
Useful facilities: Pokémon Day Care
Unlocked Elements/Key Items: Ride Pager: Stoutland/Ride Pager: Lapras/Fishing

Main Adventure 3: Akala Island

From Paniola Ranch up to Kiawe’s Trials

Trial Captain: Kiawe
Totem Pokémon: Salazzle
Technical Machines (TM): No. 88 Sleep Talk/No.39 Rock Tomb
Useful facility: Royal dome
Unlocked Elements/Key Items: Fire Z/Ride Pager: Charizard

Main Adventure 4: Akala Island

From Mallow’s Trials up to first Ultra Beast

Trial Captain: Mallow
Totem Pokemon: Lurantis
Island Kahuna: Olivia
Technical Machines (TM): No.43 Flame Charge/No. 86 Grass Knot/No 67 Smark horn/No 28 Leech Life/No.29 Psychic
Useful facilities:
Unlocked Elements/Key Items: Grass Z /Rock Z

Main Adventure 5: Ula’Ula Island

From Malie City up to Sophocle’s Trials

Trial Captain: Sophocles
Totem Pokémon Vikavolt
Technical Machines (TM): No. 76 Fly/No. 72 Volt Switch
Useful facilities:
Unlocked Elements/Key Items: Electric Z/Steel Z

Main Adventure 6: Ula’Ula Island

From the trouble in Malie City up to Island Kahuna Nanu

Island Kahuna: Nanu
Technical Machine(TM): No. 74 Gyro Ball/No. 30 Shadow Ball/No. 93 Wild Charge/No. 81 X-Scissor/No. 84 Poison Jab/No.36 Sludge Bomb
Useful facilities: Resurrection Machine
Unlocked Elements/Key Items: Starter’s Z /Dark Z /Ghost Z/Bug Z/ Ride Pager: Mudsdale /Ride Pager: Sharpedo

Main Adventure 7: Aether Paradise

Main Trainer Encounter: Lusamine
Technical Machines (TM): No. 6 Toxic
Useful facilities:
Unlocked Elements/Key Items: Master Ball

Main Adventure 8: Poni Island

Totem Pokémon: Kommo-o
Island Kahuna: Hapu
Technical Machines (TM): No. 79 Frost Breath/No. 99 Dazzling Gleam/No.35 Flamethrower/No.02 Dragon Claw
Useful facilities:
Unlocked Elements/Key Items: Poison Z/Ground Z/ Fairy Z/ Dragon Z/Ride Pager: Machamp

Main Adventure 9: Pokémon League

Main Trainer Encuonter: Hau
Technical Machines (TM): No.13 Ice Beam
Useful facility:
Unlocked Elements/Key Items: Solgaleo (Sun) or Lunala (Moon) / Koory Z

Main Adventure 10: Elite Four and League Champion

Main Trainer Encounters: Elite Four and League Champion
Technical Machines (TM):
Useful facilities:
Unlocked Elements/Key Items:

Post-Game Adventure: Ultra Beast Event

Main Encounters: Ultra Beasts
Technical Machines (TM):
Useful facilities: Battle Tree/Judge
Key Pokemon/Key Items: Ultra Beasts/Necrozma/Type: Null/Cosmog

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  1. Why does the link for the elite four take me to the page for ultra sun and ultra moon elite four strategy but everything else is still for sun and moon? I still haven’t gotten ultra sun and moon so I still need the info for sun and moon because I restarted my game after not playing it for a few months. This is the best website for in-game sun and moon info but only when I can access the info that used to be here. Thank you