Strategy for Snorlax [Pokémon Sun and Moon]


This article contains information for the Sleeping Pokémon Snorlax in Pokémon Sun and Moon.
The analysis would involve: the distribution of effort values, choice of movesets, recommended held items, and other suggested options. This will also show information on how to deal with Snorlax during free battles and rating battles on Wi-Fi.

Basic Information for Snorlax


Type 1 Type 2
Ability Hidden Ability
Immunity Gluttony
Thick Fat
HP Attack Defense Sp.Atk Sp.Def Speed Base Stat Total
160 110 65 65 110 30 540
Type Compatibility
This is super effective
This is super effective
This is not very effective
This is not very effective
No effect Ghost

Using Snorlax

Its HP is high at a massive Tier 160 base HP, while its Sp. Defense and Attack are both catching up at base 110. This allows it to shield from almost all Special Attacks launched by the opponent. The only hindrance is its slow base 30 Speed.

The trick is to send out a sp. defensively weak Pokemon to encourage the opponent to switch to a Special Attacker then switch to Snorlax to take the hit and return with a strong attack move back at the opponent.

Apart from its Speed, its Defense is fairly low at Base 65, therefore it is one of the better stats to invest Effort Values (EV) in.

One of its possible abilities is Immunity which as the name implies grants resistance to moves that afflict the Poison status, one of them is Toxic which worsens gradually for each successive turn. Thus Snorlax functions as an effective Toxic absorber.

While the other is Thick Fat, in which although it won’t be immune to Poison anymore it will be at the cost of allowing it to halve Fire and Ice-Type damage. This boosts its Sp. Defense capabilities further. Although it could acquire only one of the two preferred abilities, the choice of ability depends on the requirement of the team.

Recommended moves for Snorlax

Physical Moves Special Moves Non-Damaging Moves
Rock Slide Fire Blast Yawn
Return Toxic
Counter Rest
Crunch Curse
Facade Whirlwind
Earthquake Protect
Body Slam
Heavy Slam
Fire Punch
Ice Punch
Wild Charge

Fitting Snorlax on your team

■Basic Type

Ability Thick Fat or Immunity
Nature Adamant or Brave
Effort Values 252 Attack/252 Defense
Held Item Leftovers/Chesto Berry/Assault Vest/Choice Band/Chople Berry/Safety Goggles
Recommended Move Return or Body Slam or Facade
  • Regardless of ability chosen, Snorlax will still function as a formidable shield against Specially oriented threats. The difference however is that Thick Fat allows it to function even better against Fire and Ice-Type moves.
  • However once it has received quite a number of damage, it doesn’t learn Recover. This means that to replenish its HP, it must use Rest. The downside to this is that it makes Snorlax vulnerable to attacks while asleep.

Countering Snorlax

Due to Snorlax’s massive HP and Sp. Defense, it is difficult to defeat it using Special Moves alone unless there’s a high firepower Fighting-Type Pokemon that uses a strong STAB move.

If your Pokemon can switch-in safely and outruns Snorlax, it gains an upper hand with a strong Physical Fighting-Type STAB move.

Apart from Fighting-Types, durable Steel and Rock-Type Pokemon which have buffing moves are also recommended.

Another option is to cripple it with Will-O-Wisp to weaken its attacks. In addition, if there’s a Ghost-Type to be used, it will be immune to Snorlax’s strong STAB Facade.


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