Pokemon Sun and Moon - PGL Event Goal already Met and Counting [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

With a 250,000 BP Global Mission Goal that ends on the 13th of March (23:59 UTC), the current amount has already more than doubled!

Hey Trainers, Pokémon Global Link’s new Global Mission entitled “Get BP at the Battle Tree” announced has its goal already been met!

Pokémon Global Link’s Global Mission

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With a 250,000 BP Global Mission Goal that ends on the 13th of March (23:59 UTC), the current amount has already more than doubled in just a span of 24 hours! This seems to top the former Global Missions, two of which fell short of the goal.

A phenomenal feat that has left several people wondering, is already official, the Global Link Goal has already been met and counting! This means that anyone who contributes and connects will guarantee a spot to obtain the freebies just by participating and obtaining only 3 Battle Points from the Battle Tree!


The Free items offered are: 5 Rare Candies as Individual Contributor, and a Heavy Ball for the Bonus Goal Reached, an item which is normally quite elusive as Samson Oak offers only a handful from the Apricorn crafters in Johto. This shall grant PGL members 4,000 Festival Coins each!

Despite a fast finish thanks to some sneaky fans, the event has not ended yet and fans are open to synch their games to the Festival Plaza to increase the mark even further to land a share of the prize.

QR Code Teams

Don’t think that the gifts stops there, because good news, it doesn’t. There’s more in store however as the Pokemon Global Link has also granted fans access to two awesome teams: A Singles Format Battle Tree team, and a Doubles Format. This grants players who do not have access to team-building, but have reached the Battle Tree, to participate in the event!

The Singles Format team will contain a Salamence capable of Mega Evolution, a Tapu Lele, and an Aegislash. A remarkable Singles Team that capitalizes on high offense coupled with a solid Dragon-Steel-Fairy Core.

On the other hand, the Doubles Format team offers a heavy Trick Room that consists of a level 1 Mimikyu, a Belly Drum Snorlax, an Alolan-Marowak and an Araquanid. Apart from the neatly placed Mimikyu which baits the AI to target it given its level, most of these share a strong resemblance to VGC 2017 Anaheim Regional Champion Gavin Michaels who rocked a Full Trick Room Team, with the exception of the Alolan-Marowak.

Well, what are you waiting for, sign up and enter the Global Mission and don’t forget to synch your progress after receiving 3 Battle Points!

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