Spoiler Alert! Post-game content summary [Pokémon Sun and Moon]


Below are changes to the main game once the player has finished the main storyline once.

Things unlocked after Finishing the Main Story

  • The Island Guardian Pokemon can be encountered in the ruins of various places in the Alola region. But it might not show up again until the player reaches the Hall of Fame if the player decides to run away after encountering them.
  • A Zygarde Core can be found at the player’s house. These are available all throughout the Alola region even if the player has not finished the game yet.
  • After the player leaves his or her house, special Z-crystals will be obtained (which is for the other two starter Pokemon the player did not choose at the beginning).
  • The Battle Tree will be unlocked. It is located at Poni Island.
  • The Stat Judge PC box function will be unlocked when you talk to the Ace Trainer near the Battle Tree PC after hatching 20 eggs.
  • The player will be able to obtain the DNA Splicers, Prison Bottle and Soul Dew in the middle area of the Aether Paradise’s second floor.
  • A new event will occur found at the Roadside hotel at Route 8. After battling Anabel, the player will receive an Ultra Ball from Wicke of the Aether Foundation.
  • Ultra beasts can now be captured after you defeat Anabel. Anabel will tell you the location of an Ultra Beast and the location of another will be revealed by capturing one. The first Ultra Beast is Nihilego.
  • After defeating Sina and other trainers east of Hapu’s house in Poni Island, the player will receive an Alakazamilite.

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