Tips and Tricks: Recommended Pokemon for League Exp Grinding [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

Detailed information on recommended pokemon to for League Exp grinding in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Benefits when defeating the Elite Four and the Champion

Defeating one of the Elite Four will reward 13000 Exp. If the Champion is included, you can gain a total of over 60000 Exp. This makes the Elite Four the best way for grinding Exp post-game. In addition to Exp earned, it will allow you to obtain 12000 pokedollars as prize money.

Challenging the Elite Four again

Keep in mind that the levels of each Elite Four’s party Pokemon have drastically risen (around level 63) in comparison to the first battle, so you have to level up your party in preparation for that. However, once you have beaten them for the second time, the Elite Four’s party Pokemon will no longer have a higher level if you challenge them again.

Please refer to the following article if you need some tips for the first encounter against the Elite Four.

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Recommended strategy against Elite Four Hala



■ Alakazam (Mega Alakazam)

  • Type: Psychic
  • Recommended Moves
    (Psychic / Shadow Ball / Energy Ball / Dazzling Gleam)

Alakazam is known for boasting high Sp.Attack and Speed stats. Since Hala’s party consists of Fighting-Types, Alakazam will be advantageous against them because of its powerful Psychic-Type attacks. If you can afford to equip it with the item Alakazamite, you can easily defeat Hala because Mega Alakazam can deal even more damage because it possesses higher stats. Apart from Hala, teaching Alakazam Energy Ball will be useful against Olivia; while having Shadow Ball is effective against Acerola’s Pokemon.

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Fighting Types form Elite Four Hala’s Team which make Psychic and Flying-Types moves do super effective damage against them. Ghost-Types which are not affected by Fighting-Types are also decent choices, however beware of some of Hala’s Pokemon as they can use Dark-Type Moves. A potential threat is Crabominable which will use a powerful Z-Move if you cannot knock it out at the first turn.

Recommended strategy against Elite Four Kahili



■ Magnezone

  • Type: Electric, Steel
  • Recommended Moves
    (Thunderbolt (or Thunder) / Flash Cannon / Thunder Wave / Tri Attack)

A Magnemite that has been raised well during the early stages of the game can be a formidable challenger when going against Kahili. It can be evolved when it levels up at the Vast Poni Canyon. With a Steel/Electric-Typing, complemented by high Sp.Attack and access to Electric-Type STAB moves it can deal massive damage to Kahili’s Flying-Types. Its typing is also durable because of its bulky defenses which allows it to tank Toucannon’s Z-Move and retaliate with a powerful Electric-Type STAB move to defeat it.

Flash Cannon is also a recommended move because it deals super-effective special damage to Olivia’s Pokemon.

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Elite Four Kahili’s specializes in Flying-Types which make Electric, Rock, and Ice-Type moves very effective. However, Kahili’s Skarmory has the ability Sturdy which prevents it from fainting with 1 HP when you aim for a one-hit knockout. When this happens, Kahili will use a Full Restore to replenish Skarmory’s HP to its maximum. A good workaround is to launch a succession of moves that do not trigger Sturdy such as using a weak move the first turn then using the super-effective one during the next turn.

Recommended strategy against Elite Four Olivia



■ Garchomp

  • Type: Dragon, Ground
  • Recommended Moves
    (Earthquake / Rock Slide (or Stone Edge) / Outrage)

As a dual-type, Garchomp’s Ground-Typing helps it tank the Rock-Type Moves that Olivia’s Team will dispatch. Complemented by high Attack and Speed stats, it is possible to defeat Elite Four Olivia’s Pokemon quickly. If you equip Garchomp with a Choice Band, its move Earthquake could allow it to net more KO’s. Carbink will be dangerous if it cannot be defeated in 1 turn because of its attack Moonblast. To play safely, you can switch to a Steel, Water, or Grass-type to tank the Moonblast.

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Elite Four Olivia is a master of Rock-Types which make Ground, Grass, Water, and Steel great choices to use. Similar to Skarmory as mentioned above, Olivia’s Golem and Probopass also have the ability Sturdy which allow it to survive a one-hit knockout. Apart from using moves, if you can obtain the item Gyaradosite, you can also use Mega Gyarados or Haxorus with the ability Mold Breaker as this can negate the ability Sturdy.

Recommended strategy against Elite Four Acerola



■ Ash-Greninja

  • Type: Water, Dark
  • Recommended Moves
    (Dark Pulse (or Night Slash) / Ice Beam / Surf (or Water Shuriken) / Extrasensory)

Greninja can use Dark-Type moves which are advantageous against Ghost-Types since these are also boosted due to STAB. Due to type its type advantage, it is easy to knock out even one of Acerola’s Ghost-Types. Put Greninja as the leading Pokemon since it must defeat a single Pokemon to transform into Ash-Greninja.

With all these advantages, send out Ash-Greninja when challenging Olivia’s team. To top it off, defeating Elite Four Acerola is possible even without proper Effort Value (EV) investment.

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Elite Four Acerola’s forte are Ghost-Types which make Dark and Ghost-Types suitable options. When you encounter Acerola’s Sableye, you should avoid using Z-Moves on the first turn as it will strike first with Fake Out. Another Pokemon to watch out for is Drifblim as it can buff itself with Amnesia to drastically raise its Sp.Defense. It might be troublesome to rely on Sp.Attacks once it starts buffing itself, so you should bring at least one physical attacker..

Recommended All-around Pokemon to use for the Elite Four



■ Mega Gyarados

Its ability Mold Breaker complemented by its great dual-typing allow it to counter opponent’s that have the ability Sturdy. In addition, having an already high base Attack stat that can further increase through buffs from Dragon Dance, it can easily take out the Elite Four’s Pokemon.

To obtain the Gyaradosite,you can exchange it for BPs at the Battle Tree.
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■ Lunala / Solgaleo

Because the legendary Pokemons can ignore enemies ability with their unique move, the elite four can easily be dealt with if the legendaries are high leveled.

However, Solgaleo’s nature sould be something that boosts its Attack, and Lunalas nature should be something that boosts it Sp. Attack.

Between the two legendaries, Lunala would be a better choice if your only concern is to grind Exp and money at the Pokemon League due to its advantageous typing.

Since you can obtain a second legendary Pokemon by obtaining Cosmog, trading for a Lunala if your playing on Pokemon Sun is highly recommended.

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■ Starmie

Starmie has high base Sp.Attack and Speed stats and an extensive movepool. If you equip it with the item Life Orb, it checks several opponents encountered at the Pokemon League. It you want to focus on only rebattling the Elite Four, then you should teach it Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball and Psychic.
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