Ultra Beast locations and strategy guide [Pokemon Sun and Moon]


This article will reveal the locations of the Ultra Beasts and strategies on how to battle and capture them after completing the main storyline.

From the player’s house


Name Location
Decidium Z Will be obtained after you leave your house
Incinium Z Will be obtained after you leave your house
Primarium Z Will be obtained after you leave your house
  1. After you leave your house, a man named Looker will give you an Enigmatic Card.
  2. Go to Route 8 on Akala Island. From there, go west to the Roadside Hotel. There will be a new event when you enter the Roadside Motel.

Akala Island Hotel

Trainer Encounter

Name Pokémon Reward
Anabel Alakazam Lv61
Mismagius Lv61
Salamence Lv61
Snorlax Lv61
Weavile Lv61
13420 pokédollar
  1. Once you enter the Roadside Hotel, look for Anabel. She will challenge you to a battle.
  2. After you defeat her, go to Aether Paradise.

Aether Paradise


Items Found Location
DNA Splicers Obtained from a researcher in the room in the middle of the corridor on B2F.
Prison Bottle Obtained from a researcher in the room in the middle of the corridor on B2F.
Soul Dew Obtained from a researcher in the room in the middle of the corridor on B2F.
  1. After arriving on Aether Paradise, go to the B2F laboratory and watch a cutscene. Talk to Wicke to receive 2x Big Malasadas.
  2. Head deep into the laboratory and enter the room by the corridor. Talk to Wicke again to obtain 10x Ultra Balls.
  3. Go back to the Roadside Hotel on Route 8.

How to catch Nihilego

Nihilego Lv 55 (Poison/Rock Type)
Moves: Power Gem / Mirror Coat / Acid Spray / Venom Drench
Since Nihilego only uses Poison and Rock type moves, it would be wise to use a Steel or Poison type Pokemon.

  1. Talk to Anabel at the Roadside Hotel.
  2. You will now be able to look for Nihilego. Nihilego is encountered at either the Diglett’s Tunnel or at a grass patch at Wela Volcano Park. Nihilego will spawn until you catch it so there is no need to worry about defeating or letting it escape. This is also true for the other Ultra Beasts.
  3. After you have caught Nihilego, go back to the Roadside Hotel and talk to Anabel again.

How to catch Buzzwole(Sun)/Pheromosa(Moon)

Buzzwole Lv65 (Bug /Fighting)
Move: Counter / Hammer Arm / Lunge / Dynamic Punch
Since Buzzwole’s uses Fighting and Bug type moves, it is best to use Flying or Ghost type Pokemon against it.

PheromosaLv 65 (Bug/Fighting)
Move: Me First / Bug Buzz / Lunge / Triple Kick
The same strategy applies when fighting Pheromosa since it is also a Bug/Fighting Type Pokemon.

 Trainer Encounter

Name Pokémon Reward
Mina Klefki Lv61
Granbull Lv61
Wigglytuff Lv61
Ribombee Lv61
Shiinotic Lv61
7320 pokédollar
  1. After talking to Anabel, head to the Roadside Hotel in Route 2 on Melemele Island.
  2. Talk to Looker in the Roadside Hotel. He will tell you the next Ultra Beast’s location. You will now be able to look for either Buzzwole (Sun) or Pheromosa (Moon).
  3. After you have captured either Buzzwole or Phermosa, head back to Route 2 and talk to Looker again.
  4. Go back to the Roadside Hotel on Route 8 on Akala Island
  5. Talk to Captain Mina inside the Roadside Hotel. She will challenge you to a battle. After you defeat her, you will obtain 10x Ultra Ball.

How to catch Kartana (Sun) or Celesteela (Moon)

Kartana Lv 65 (Grass/Steel Type)
Move: Leaf Blade / X-Scissor / Detect / Air Slash
Since Kartana uses Grass, Flying, and Bug Moves, it is best to use Steel-type Pokemon.

Celesteela Lv 65 (Steel/Flying Type)
Move: Iron Defense / Skull Bash / Seed Bomb / Autotomize
Since Celesteela’s moves are Grass and Normal Types, it is best to use Fire-type Pokemon.

  1. Another event will occur in the Roadside Hotel on Ula’Ula Island. You will obtain 10x Ultra Ball and the location of the next Ultra Beast Kartana (Sun) or Celesteela (Moon) will be revealed.
  2. After you have captured Kartana or Celesteela, report back to Looker again.
  3. Head to Route 13.

How to catch Xurkitree

Xurkitree Lv 65 (Electric)
Move: Hypnosis / Discharge / Electric Terrain / Power Whip
Xurkitree only uses Electric type moves, so it is best to use Grass-type Pokemon with high Sp.Defense.

  1. After defeating Captain Mina, you will be able to capture the next Ultra Beast – Xurkitree.
  2. After capturing Xurkitree, talk to Looker again at Route 8.
  3. Head to the Roadside Hotel on Route 13 on Ula’Ula Island.

How to catch Guzzlord

Guzzlord Lv 70 (Dark/Dragon Type)


Items Found Location
Technical Machine(TM)(Overheat) Poni Island Meadows
Electric Seed At the end of a narrow path which can be reached near the end of the cave
Technical Machine(TM)(Earthquake) At the end of the cave where a rock is blocking the way. Use  Tauros to destroy it.

Trainer Encounter

Name Pokémon Reward
Nanu SableyeLv61
10080 pokédollar
  1. Once at Seafolk Village in Poni Island, head to the floating restaurant.
  2. Go inside the restaurant. Island Kahuna Nanu will be there to challenge you to a battle.
  3. Proceed to the Ancient Poni Path and head to Poni Grove. Dexio will appear and challenge you to a battle. You will obtain a Keystone and Alakazamilite upon winning.
  4. From the path, proceed to Poni Meadows and enter Resolution cave. The Ultra Beast Guzzlord will be in the deepest section.
  5. After capturing Guzzlord, report to Looker in the floating restaurant.
  6. Head back to Aether Paradise and return to Wicke at B2F. An event will occur at the Secret Laboratory and you will obtain 1,000,000 pokédollars.

Reward after clearing the Ultra Beast Event

After clearing the Ultra Beast Event, you will now be able to capture Necrozma. Please refer to this article for more information.

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  1. Here’s what I did with every Ultra Beast (Excluding Xurkitree).
    I used Tapu Koko. I replaced Agility with Thunder Wave via TM and, for every UB encounter, I used the following (not in any particular order, though I typically lead with Thunder Wave to minimize damage): Nature’s Madness, Guardian of Alola (Z-Move), Thunder Wave. Then I threw the Beast Ball. Super easy, super effective.

    For Xurkitree, I used GoA and Nature’s Madness, then threw the ball. It failed once, but worked the second time.