Tips and Tricks: Recommended Hatch Locations [Pokemon Sun and Moon]

Detailed information regarding the recommended routes for hatching for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Recommended tips for hatching eggs

■ Part 1


When hatching eggs, you can choose to follow this route which starts at Akala Island’s Route 5 and passes through Paniola Ranch and finally stopping at Route 6 where you will encounter the end of the path.

This path is convenient due to the fact that you will pass through the Pokemon Nursery.

Since you just have to follow a straight path, it is a recommended route for hatching eggs.

You can hatch eggs easily if you use the Poke Rides to increase your movement speed.

Please Refer to the video for Part 1 on how to hatch eggs using this route.

■ Part 2


Another option is in front of the Pokemon Breeder of Paniola Ranch in Akala Island. You have to go inside the fence with the barrels first before using the Poke Ride.

This method allows you to hatch by just moving 3DS’ analog around in a circular motion.

Exercise caution when you do this option as it can hurt your fingers if you don’t do it carefully.

Please Refer to the video for Part 2 on how to hatch eggs using this route.

■ Part 3



Another possible option is beside the Pokemon Nursery and the Pokemon Breeder of Paniola Ranch in Akala Island.

Once you have received the egg, you can already start hatching since it’s just a few steps away from the Pokemon Nursery.

This is one of the fastest methods for hatching multiple eggs because you can start immediately.

Please Refer to the video for Part 3 on how hatch eggs using this route.

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