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This article summarizes the recommended strategies when challenging powerful Totem Pokémon. These include: strategy when battling the Totem Pokémon during the Trials, and the suggested recovery items to use.

Trials of Lana: Totem Pokémon Wishiwashi

School Form - Wishiwashi


Type: Water

Wishiwashi’s defense is increased by one stage as soon as the battle starts. As a result of this boost, it is wise to resort to special moves instead. Since The Totem Pokemon: Wishiwashi (School Form) is a Water-Type, you are recommended to use super-effective moves such as: an Electric or Grass-Type.
The weather during this battle is always rain, and Water-type move’s firepower will be boosted due to the effect of rain. Using either powerful offensive Electric-Types with Special Moves, or durable Grass-Types would be best when battling this Totem Pokemon.

The Totem Pokemon can also summon other Pokemon: Wishiwashi (Solo Form) and Alomomola(Lv.18). Exercise caution when Wishiwashi (Solo Form) is summoned as it can increase the Totem Pokemon’s already powerful Water-Type Attacks even more with Helping Hand; whereas Alomomola fulfills another role by having Heal Pulse in addition to Helping Hand. You have to defeat Alomomola first before focusing on the other opposing Pokemon to prevent it from replenishing the Totem’s HP.
Don’t bother using Status Moves once Alomomola has been called out since it can cure the Totem Pokemon with the ability Healer.

Remember to use Recovery Items for this battle as it will require endurance to overcome the Totem Pokemon. Having Alomomola’s Heal Pulse at its disposal, and propping a Sitrus Berry once its max HP is less than half, it will be tough to knock it out. Apart from using Recovery Items, you can also depend on using buff moves for your Pokemon such as Growth to deal tremendous amounts of damage.

■ Recommended Pokémon

Trials of Kiawe: Totem Pokémon Salazzle



Type: Poison/ Fire

Salazzle’s Sp. Def is increased by one stage. It has superior Speed which makes it dangerous to fight against once it has used Toxic since it will attempt to deal double the damage when it follows up with Venoshock. You will have to spend lots of Antidote and Potions if Salazzle outruns your Pokemon. Similar to the above mentioned Totem Pokemon, it can use Taunt which makes Status Moves ineffective; and in addition to this, can summon Salandit.

Although its Sp.Def has been boosted, its Physical Defense is not, this makes Ground-Type Physical Moves especially those that affect multiple targets highly effective since these deal 4 times the damage to all the opposing Pokemon on the field. In terms of recommended Pokemon, one of the best counters is a Mudbray that is at least Lv.20.

■ Recommended Pokémon

Trials of Mallow: Totem Pokémon Lurantis


Type: Grass

Lurantis’s Speed Stat is boosted by two levels. It has high Attack that is complemented by a high powered move called Solar Blade which doesn’t need a turn to charge because it’s holding a Power Herb. In addition, it can use Razor Leaf which is a move that has a high chance of landing a critical hit.. Since Lurantis is too fast, you need to cripple it with Thunder Wave. During the course of battle, it will call its companions: Castform Lv.22 and Trumbeak Lv.22. You need to watch out for Castform as it can use Sunny Day to power-up Lurantis to take advantage of its no-charge Solar Blades, or it may attempt to replenish its own HP with a boosted Synthesis from the harsh sunlight; whereas Trumbeak will use disrupting moves such as Supersonic and Screech. You are advised to knock out Trumbeak first.

A recommended pokemon to use for this battle is Salandit since it has a huge resistance against the Grass type STAB moves that the Totem Pokémon carries. You can obtain Salandit from Vera Volcano Park. As a Fire-Type, you can choose to equip it with Firium Z to deal a huge amount of damage with a Fire-Type Z-Move. In addition it is also a Poison-Type which further reduces the damage from Lurantis’ Grass-Type Moves down to a measly 1/4. With access to Poison Gas or Smog, Salandit can also stack more damage by inflicting the Poison Status on it.

■ Recommended Pokémon

Trials of Sophocles: Totem Pokémon Vikavolt


Type: Bug · Electric

All of its stats in increased by one stage. It can summon Charjabug which have the ability Battery which further boosts its Sp. Attack. It can use the move Charge to not only boost its Sp.Def further but also power up its Electric-type moves. Taking all these boosts into account, it would be wise to use a physical attacker because special attackers will lack in effectiveness against Vikavolt.

Even though it’s an Electric-Type, it is immune to Ground-Type Moves because of its ability Levitate. However in spite of its strengths, as a Bug-Type it is weak to Rock and Fire-Type Moves. This makes the Technical Machine (TM) 39 (Rock Tomb) a viable move to use against Vikavolt. You can obtain this TM from Vera Volcano Park. Marowak is among the recommended Pokemon, in which its pre-evolution Cubone, can also be caught from Vera Volcano. Marowak is immune to Electric-type moves, and will reduce Bug-type moves damage by half. You can choose to raise it and teach it Rock Tomb to deal super-effective damage and nullify its Speed boost. Alternatively, you can use Growlithe since it can also land super-effective damage using Physical Fire-Type STAB Moves.

■ Recommended Pokémon

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