Challenge the Battle Tree [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

Detailed information on the new mode Battle Tree in Pokémon Sun and Moon which include rules and possible trainers encountered.

Battle Tree

Battle Tree is a new facility where trainers can participate in Pokemon Battles.

It is only accessible once all the Island challenges are finished. In the Battle Tree, you will be able to battle against tough trainers from the past series.

Boss trainers include Red and Blue from the Kanto Region.

Battle Tree replaces the Battle Tower, Battle Subway and the Battle Maison which existed during the past games. If you win, you can obtain Battle Points (BP) depending on your performance. You can exchange BP for special items, or have your Pokemon learn new Moves through Move Tutor Services.

Multi Battle

You can form a tag-team with another trainer to participate in the the Multi Battle.

You can team up with powerful trainers that have existed in the past generations such as: Sinnoh Champion Cynthia, and Pokemon Trainer Wally.

Rules of Battle Tree

  • Legendaries are not allowed
  • Pokemon cannot be of the same species (Species clause)
  • Each Pokemon cannot have identical items (Item clause)
  • Pokémon level 50 or higher will become level 50 when used
  • Single Battle requires 3 Pokemon to participate. For Double Battle, it requires 4 Pokemon to participate
  • Multi Battle requires each trainer to participate using two of their own Pokemon
  • Ultra Beast (UB) are allowed



Open Battle Tree trainers

  • Red



 Single Battle Tree Legend Battle: Red

Upon defeating the 19th trainer, Red will appear to challenge you during the 20th Single battle.

Once you defeat Red, return to the Battle Tree entrance to receive a Charizardite X, Charizardite Y, Venusaurite, and Blastoisinite.

Red’s Team: Charizard, Lapras, and Venusaur

  • Strategy against Charizard

Move: Dragon Dance/ ?/ ?/ ?

Be careful as Charizard will try to buff itself with Dragon Dance. It is recommended to defeat it fast with a strong Water-Type Pokemon.

  • Strategy against Lapras

Move: Surf / Thunder / Rain Dance /?

Lapras will use Rain Dance to buff its Surf damage and deal consistent damage with Thunder. The Recommended Pokemon to use are Electric, Grass and Fighting-Types.

  • Strategy against Venusaur

Move: Ingrain / Leech Seed / Synthesis /?

It is a durable Grass/Poison-Type. This Pokemon has Ingrain and Synthesis at its disposal to replenish HP. It has Leech Seed to complement the HP increasing moves. It has high Sp.Defense which makes Physical Fire, Flying or Psychic-Types best checks.

Please refer to the Battle Tree video against Red.


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  • Blue



Pokemon Trainer Blue was Pokemon Trainer Red’s Rival in the first game. Blue was also the first Kanto Champion and became a Kanto Gym Leader during the Johto Arc.

It is unknown what Pokemon Blue carries. It can be assumed that Machamp and Arcanine are included in Blue’s Team.

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Battle Tree Information on Blue [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

  • Cynthia



Cynthia was the Diamond, Pearl, Platinum Sinnoh Champion. As of the moment, Garchomp is assumed to be part of Cynthia’s roster.

It is not yet known what other Pokemon Cynthia has. It can only be inferred that Spiritomb is included in the team.

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Battle Tree Information on Cynthia [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

  • Wally



Pokemon Trainer Wally is one of the supporting characters in Ruby, Sapphire, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire. Gallade which was shown from an old screenshot can be assumed to be a part of Wally’s Team.

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