Time-related events and Daily events [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

Detailed information about the daily events, conditions, differences of events, presence of events based on In-Game Time in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Time differences based on Version

The In-Game Time for Pokemon Sun and Moon is based on the time set on the 3DS unit. The corresponding time depends on the version you are playing.

<Time corresponding to version>

Sun Same Time as the Setting of the 3DS unit
Moon It has a 12-hour difference from the 3DS unit

Times of day

The game has its own time zone which is based on the Time Set on the 3DS. There are five times of day in the world of Pokemon Sun and Moon: Morning, Day, Evening, Night,  and Midnight. This can be simplified into two: Day and Night.


Morning 06:00~
Day 10:00~
Evening 17:00~


Night 18:00~
Midnight 00:00~

Conditions that depend on Time Zone

The following are conditions based on time necessary for certain Pokemon to appear or evolve:

  • Wild Pokémon Encounters

    Some Pokemon appear at certain times of the day.

  • Pokémon Evolutions

    Some Pokemon evolve only during Day or Night. Others require additional conditions to be fulfilled such as reaching a certain level on a specific game version, high happiness, holding a specific item, etc.

    [List of Pokemon that only evolve in day]

Name Evolution conditions
Gumshoos Yungoos will evolve at level 20 during day time.
Lycanroc(Midday Form) (Sun exclusive) Rockruff will evolve at level 25 during day time.
Espeon Eevee will evolve when its happiness is high during Day Time
Lurantis Fomantis will evolve at level 34 during day time.
Lucario Riolu will evolve when its happiness is high during Day Time

[List of Pokemon that only evolve at night]

Name Evolution conditions
Raticate (Alola) Rattata (Alola) will evolve at level 20 during night time.
Lycanroc(Midnight Form) (Moon exclusive) Rockruff will evolve at level 25 during night time.
Umbreon Eevee will evolve when its happiness is high during night Time
Marowak Cubone will evolve at level 28 during night time.
Weavile Sneasel will evolve when it gains a level while holding a Razor Claw during night time.
  • Items

    Depending on the time of day (Day or Night) Zygarde Cell can be obtained.
    Pink Nectar can only be obtained in Day time, and Yellow Nectar can only be obtained in Night time

  • Others

    BGM changes on certain maps and increase in the capture rate of Dusk Ball when used at night.
    Certain Pokemon can only be found with the Poké Finder during specific times of the day.
    Dialogue of the Pokémon Center receptionist and delivery staff will vary depending on the time of day, etc.

Daily events

  • Link

Location Name Description
[Festival Plaza]
Lottery Ticket Booth
You can draw a lottery ticket from the booth once a day.
  • Common to all the islands

Location・Name Description
[Any Malasada Shop]
Big Malasada
You can buy a Big Malasada once a day. This Big Malasada can be used to cure all status ailments.
[Any Pokémon Center]
You can obtain pokebeans once a day. If you receive 1 piece, you cannot get another even if it was from a different Pokemon center’s cafe.

<Daily Sweets obtainable in the Pokemon Center Café>

Monday Lumiose Galette
Tuesday Rage Candy Bar
Wednesday Casteliacone
Thursday Old Gateau
Friday Shalour Sable
Saturday Lava Cookie
Sunday Sweet Heart

■Melemele Island

Location Name Description
[Hau’oli City]
Shopping mall
Battle Buffet
For 1200 pokédollars you can battle trainers for 10 turns once a day. You can obtain an item after battling.
[Hau’oli City]
Alola Tourist Information Center
ID lottery
Inside the tourist information office, you can draw a lottery ticket from the counter on the left. When the ID of the lottery matches the ID of Pokemon in your PC Box, you will obtain a prize.
〈ID Lottery〉
1st Prize(ID 5 numbers matched) Master Ball
2nd Prize(ID 4 numbers matched) Rare Candy
3rd Prize(ID 3 numbers matched) PP Max
4th Prize(ID 2 numbers matched) PP Up
5th Prize(ID 1 number matched) Moomoo Milk

■Akala Island

Location Name Description
[ Royal avenue]
Thrifty Megamart
If you talk to the clerk who is on the left side of the store, you can get a random berry once a day. You can obtain one of the following: Oran Berry/Sitrus Berry/Mago Berry/Rawst Berry/Bluk Berry/Pinap Berry/Tamato Berry.
[ Heahea City]
Game Freak Director Battle
After you cleared the game, you can battle Game Director Morimoto once a day.
[Konikoni City]
Lomi Lomi(Pokémon Groomer)
The Pokémon Groomer can increase the friendship of the Pokemon which is leading the party once a day.
[Konikoni City]
Olivia’s treat
After finishing the Olivia’s Grand Trial, if you request Z set menu special, you can eat it for free once a day. You obtain 4 Heart Scales.
[Hanoi Resort]
Hanoi Beach
Cleaning Pyukumuku
Once a day, you can do part-time to clean the beach of Pyukumuku. Once you are finished, report to the manager to obtain 20,000 pokédollars.

■Ula’ula Island

Location Name Description
[Malie City]
Rolling Dreamer
Gardenia’s treat
After finishing the Gardenia’s Grand Trial, if you order Z Kaiki special, you can eat it for free once a day. You obtain 8 Heart Scales.

■Poni Island

Location Name Description
[Seafolk Village]
Shipboard restaurant
Happu’s treat
After finishing Hapu’s Grand Trial, if you ask for Z-Noodles, you can eat it for free once a day. You obtain 2 Heart Scales.

Obtainable Pokémon for each day using the Island Scan

  • The QR Code Scanner can read and store up to 100 Points worth of QR Codes scanned. For each scan, you will obtain information regarding the Pokemon’s habitat in the Poke Dex.
  • The Pokemon must be obtained within the time limit.
    Once you have accumulated 100 points, you can do an Island Scan to obtain a Pokemon for that appears for that particular day.

◆ Melemele Island

Day Name Location
Monday Totodile Seaward Cave
Tuesday Deino Ten Carat Hill
Wednesday Horsea Kala’e Bay
Thursday Klink Hau’oli City
Friday Chikorita Route 2
Saturday Litwick Hau’oli Cemetery
Sunday Cyndaquil Route 3

◆Akala Island

Day Name Location
Monday Spheal Route 7
Tuesday Luxio Route 8
Wednesday Honedge Akala Outskirts
Thursday Venipede Route 4
Friday Bellsprout Route 5
Saturday Marill Brooklet Hill
Sunday Gothita Route 6

◆Ula’ula Island

Day Name Location
Monday Swinub Tapu Village
Tuesday Duosion Route 16
Wednesday Roselia Ula’Ula Meadow
Thursday Staravia Route 10
Friday Vigoroth Route 11
Saturday Axew Mount Hokulani
Sunday Rhyhorn Hoteli Mountain

◆Poni Island

Day Name Location
Monday Conkeldurr Poni Plains ※After Clearing
Tuesday Togekiss Poni Gauntlet ※After Clearing
Wednesday Leavanny Poni Meadow ※After Clearing
Thursday Serperior Exeggutor Island
Friday Samurott Poni Wilds
Saturday Emboar Ancient Poni Path
Sunday Eelektross ※After Clearing Poni Grove ※After Clearing

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