Permanent and one-time game features in Pokemon Sun and Moon


This article will discuss game elements and content that the player will only go through once. These may either be unchangeable settings or one-time events in the game so it is important to decide carefully.

Permanent and one-time features



When starting a New Game on Pokemon Sun and Moon, players will need to specify certain character settings that are permanent throughout the game data. These cannot be changed or modified once they are finalized.

There are also events in the game that can only be experienced once per playthrough (from the start of your jounrey in Hau’oli City until beating the Elite Four and reaching the Hall of Fame). However, after finishing a playthrough, players will be able to start again from the beginning. This allows the player to obtain certain Pokemon they missed in the previous playthrough. Examples of this feature will be highlighted so players can avoid missing out on things they wish they had done.

Unchangeable settings (permanent throughout the current game data)

  • These cannot be changed at any point in the game after the player has set:
  • The name of the main character
  • The main character’s gender
  • Color of the main character’s skin

One-time encounters (once per playthrough)

  • Obtaining Guardian Pokemon (such as Tapu Koko)
  • Obtaining Ultra Beasts

Unchangeable Settings (permanent throughout the current game data)

Character name and appearance

Along with changing clothes, the character’s hairstyle can be changed at any time. The color of the character’s skin and gender however,  cannot be modified unless the game is completely reset. It is then important to adjust these settings to what really suits the player.

One-time Pokemon encounters (once per playthrough)

Obtaining Guardian Pokemon

By progressing through the game, players will be able to encounter the Guardian Pokemon. The Guardian Pokemon encountered cannot be encountered again if the player decides to defeat or run away from them. The player will need to finish the game by making it to the Hall of Fame to have another chance at capturing the Guardian Pokemon.

However, once you captured the Guardian Pokemon, you will not be able to encounter it again, even after clearing the Pokemon League. This is good to keep in mind for when you want your Guardian Pokemon to posses very specific Individual Values.

While it has been confirmed that players will be able to aspire for Pokemon with their preferred IVs, the Guardian Pokemon’s Hidden Ability may also be of interest so be sure to decide carefully when capturing them.

Though IVs can be adjusted in Pokemon Sun and Moon through Hyper Training, the type of Hidden Ability it is going to learn is only determined by that Pokemon’s original IV.

Obtaining Ultra Beasts

Ultra Beasts follow the same nature of encounter as the Guardian Pokemon. You will only be able to encounter them again by finishing the Pokemon League and reaching the Hall of Fame.

Lastly, the most apparent fixed element is the game version. It is important to consider what version of the game to buys since there are some key differences between each game. This of course includes the wild and legendary Pokemon encountered and the time settings.

Please refer to this article for a more in-depth discussion on the differences between Pokemon Sun and Moon.




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