Tips and Tricks: Capturing a High IV Ditto [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

Learn how to get the highly valued Pokemon Ditto with desired IVs

Detailed information regarding Ditto’s location, including strategies to capture a Ditto with High Individual Values (IV) early in the game using a combination of the tips and tricks stated from catching Pokemon and knowledge of SOS calls for Pokémon Sun and Moon.

How to Get a Ditto



Ditto spawns at a very low rate in the grass patches of Mount Hokulani in Ula’ula Island (the third island). It is sought after by many trainers because of its usefulness in breeding and battles. Whenever you deposit Ditto and another Pokemon together in the Pokemon Nursery, there is a chance to obtain an Egg after taking several steps.

For details, please see the basic information about Eggs.

How to obtain high individual value (IV) Ditto

You should let Ditto call for SOS several times to increase the chance of encountering one that has high individual value (IV).



  1. A Pokemon that can use False Swipe, Substitute, a physical move with high PP, and high Speed.
  2. Item: Adrenaline Orb

Using Sneasel is recommended. Because of its high base Speed value, Sneasel can outrun Ditto even if it is holding a Quick Powder.

A recommended offensive move to use is Technical Machine (TM) 31 – Brick Break which is compatible with Sneasel. TM 31 can be found inside Verdant Cavern: Trial Chamber on Melemele Island.

Using a Pokemon with the ability Synchronize is another way to increase the chances of catching a Ditto with high Individual Values. This is because a Pokemon with Synchronize placed at the first slot of the party allows a 50% chance of encountering a Wild Pokemon with the same Nature as the Pokemon with this ability. Synchronize still works even if the Pokemon with it has fainted, so placing a Sneasel or a similarly Speedy Pokemon in the second slot of the party increases the chances to catch the desired Ditto even more.

An example of a Pokemon with Synchronize is Abra, which spawns regularly in the grass patches of Hau’oli City.


  1. When you fight Ditto, use the move Substitute so that it cannot use the move Transform
  2. Use False Swipe to get Ditto to 1 HP
  3. Use the item Adrenaline Orb
  4. Continue defeating the SOS called Ditto using the move Brick Break

When the encountered Ditto who has 1 HP has its PP fully depleted, it will Struggle. To prevent this, when you’ve defeated 10 SOS called Pokemon, you should replace the Ditto with 1 HP with one of the summoned Ditto. For higher chains, you will have to spend lots of PP recovering items such as Leppa Berries, Ethers, etc.

As the amount of SOS called Pokemon exceeds to 20, you can expect to obtain Pokemon with at least (1) 31 IV. Aside from this, more than 10 exceeding calls will also increase the chances of encountering a Ditto with its Hidden Ability Imposter.


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    • Sorry for the very late response. I have just clarified this, thank you for the information! Alternatively, it is possible to use a move tutored klefki to obtain recycle as well. Also, a grimer can make use of a move tutored memento to speed up the process of the called SOS ally to faint itself (albeit with problems due to it gaining a level and learning a new move). This extra step however should be done after the ditto has copied the pokemon with recycle and after it has also obtained a leppa berry. A video stated that around 40 encounters is possible to obtain (4) 31 IV ditto, and shiny chance increases too.

  1. A better way to do this is to get a grubbing with only recycle, a Persian with switcharoo and a sneasle with false swipes and brick break. Let the ditto copy the try bush and have your Persian hold a leppa berry. Use switcharoo to give the grubbing the leppa berry and then false swipe it down to 1 hp. Use the adrenaline orb and kill of the ditto that comes for help 31 time catch the last one and it is guaranteed to have 4 max ivs. (This is all on a Japanese website)