Super Mario Odyssey - Bowser (First Battle): Boss Guide

This page contains a guide on how to beat Bowser in Super Mario Odyssey. This guide provide a few strategies that you can use to defeat this boss.

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Bowser is the main antagonist for the Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch game. In this match-up, he is wearing his groom outfit. The princess is being held hostage by Bowser on his ship.

Bowser Boss Guide

Bowser has always been Mario’s main antagonist and he is set to yet again crash another wedding.

How to Beat

He will start hopping once the fight starts while simultaneously throwing his hat towards you. His hat has boxing gloves so this makes it even harder for you to dodge.

You can fight back using Cappy. Once he throws his hat, throw Cappy back towards his hat. This will result to Bowser’s hat being knocked down. He will be in shock that his hat has been knocked down. Take advantage of this and use his hat against him.

After this, Bowser will then start throwing the shadow versions of his hat at you. Focus on the real hat so that you can take control over it again and attack him.

He will start to ground pound and then throw large blocks at you. Knock the spheres and keep pushing forward.

Bowser Boss Guides

He will then summon 5 hats in total firing them at different timings. You can either knock them down or simply dodge it until you have a clear vision of the real hat.

He will then continue his tactics of doing ground pounds and throwing those giant blocks at you. Once you attack him, he will be blocking every single one of your punches. Watch out for the tail! Jump over this and knock him down.

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