Super Mario Odyssey - Spewart (Second Battle) Boss Guide

Boss battle guide for Spewart (Second Battle) in Super Mario Odyssey, including boss attacks, tips, and strategy. Enjoy this game while playing Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars - Spewart (Second Battle) Boss Guide

Spewart (Second Battle)

Mario’s previous journey in Super Mario 3D All-Stars continues to Super Mario Odyssey with a second battle against Spewart.

Spewart Boss Guide

Spewart is one of the Broodals, the secondary antagonists in Super Mario Odyssey. The Broodals are a group of rabbits who serve as wedding planners for Super Mario Odyssey Bowser and Princess Peach’s wedding. He is fought in the Luncheon Kingdom.

Spewart is wearing a blue suit and a white tie similar to what a pirate’s outfit. This broodal is also wearing a blue top hat with a gold lining at the middle. He also wears spiked bracelets in each of his arms. The broodal also seems to like the Luncheon Kingdom’s Stupendous Stew, stating that they stole a lot of it before the start of the boss battle.

How to Beat

At the start of the boss fight, he will inhale for a short period then he will exhale a lot of purple goo in a circular motion on the floor. This purple goo deals damage to Mario, so avoid the goo. After letting a out the first vat of goo, he will then walk slowly around the area and repeats the process of exhaling goo in a free space.

In order to clear the goo, you need to perform a hat throw towards the direction where the goo is. This will also make it much easier for you to reach Spewart.

Spewart Boss Guide

To deal damage to the broodal, you must first hit him with a hat throw. His hat will disappear after you do the technique, making him vulnerable to attacks. However, the only move that can deal damage to him is a jump, so Mario need to be close to him in order to perform the maneuver.

After taking damage, he will then use his hat as a ship/UFO and will start gliding around the area leaving goo on the floor. He will eventually stop and return to the floor again, but you can hit him with a hat throw if he gets close to you while inside his ship.

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