Super Mario Odyssey - Cap Kingdom Power Moon No.1 (Frog-Jumping Above the Fog): Location Guide

This Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon guide shows the location of Frog-Jumping Above the Fog in Cap Kingdom, with puzzle solutions and how to get it.

Frog-Jumping Above the Fog


Frog-Jumping Above the Fog Power Moon

Found on top of a hat located to the right of the Odyssey, right across the railing.

How to Get

  1. Capture a frog near the bridge and go to the right side of the Odyssey.
  2. You will spot two big hats (which are the resident’s supposed houses) in the foggy area across the railing.
  3. Jump to the first hat using a frog, then jump to the other hat.
  4. Jump on top of the three blocks then jump at the center block to reveal a hidden block.
  5. Jump on top of the hidden block and jump again to get the Frog-Jumping Above the Fog Power Moon.

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