Super Mario Odyssey - Cap Kingdom Power Moon No.23 (Hidden in a Sunken Hat): Location Guide

This Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon guide shows the location of Hidden in a Sunken Hat in Cap Kingdom and how to get it.

Hidden in a Sunken Hat



Found on top of a hat platform (in the middle of the river) in Cap Kingdom. You must have beaten the game to get this Power Moon.

How to Get

  1. Go to the Central Plaza and head for the top-hat house where a Bonneter is blocking the entrance (the house has the Bonnetter Blockade Power Moon as well).
  2. Capture a Paragoomba. Then from Bonneter’s house, fly over the railing on the left to spot a Power Moon on a sunken top-hat house in the middle of the water. Grab it and return to land.

Cap Kingdom Power Moons

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