Super Mario Odyssey - Cap Kingdom: Walkthrough

Mario's adventure in Super Mario Odyssey begins in the Cap Kingdom. Mario and Cappy must work together to reach Top-Hat Tower detailed in this walkthrough.

Cap Kingdom

Cap Kingdom: Walkthrough

Mario’s journey in Super Mario Odyssey begins in the Cap Kingdom. The first level of the game guides the player in learning the game’s basic controls and mechanics.

Enemies and objects you can capture


  • Past the 4 white platforms inside the Top-Hat Tower you will see some frogs.  Capturing one of them will allow you to transform into one to  jump higher and swim faster.

Electric Pole

  • Once you defeat the boss of the Cap Kingdom, the Electric Pole will allow you to travel to the next kingdom.


Basic Controls
  • Analog Stick to move
  • B Button to jump
  • Y Button to throw Cappy

The start of the game

  1. When the game starts, look at the demonstration on the lower right of the screen to learn how to throw Cappy. Then, follow Cappy’s instructions.
  2. There will be a tutorial on capturing. Continue following the street. When you reach the lever, throw the cap to it to make the bridge appear.
  3. Cross the bridge and go inside the Top-Hat Tower marked by door with the yellow cap.

Top-Hat Tower

  1. Inside the Top-Hat Tower  are 4 white blocks. Use them to cross to the other side and capture one of the frogs there.
  2. When you’ve transformed into a frog, you will be able to jump higher to make it to the top of the tower.
  3. Climb the tower going counterclockwise to reach the top. You will encounter some Goombas along the way. Jump on them to defeat them.
  4. Prepare to fight Cap Kingdom boss Topper at the top of the tower.
  5. After defeating the boss, capture the Electric Pole to go to the Cascade Kingdom.

Boss: Topper

Below is the strategy to defeat the Cap Kingdom Boss Topper.


Throw your cap to hit Topper and make one of his hats to fall off. The hat will slide around the area and can damage you if you’re not careful. Continue throwing your cap to Topper until all his hats fall off to expose his weakpoint (his head). When this happens, jump on his head to damage him. He will get back up and hide in one of the hats. Hit them all with your cap until you find where Topper is hiding. Topper will appear again with three hats. Repeat the first process to expose his head again. He will be defeated after getting jumped on a second time.

You can go to our in-depth Topper Boss Guide or move to the next area: Cascade Kingdom.


List of Kingdoms
Cap Kingdom Cascade Kingdom
Sand Kingdom Lake Kingdom
Wooded Kingdom Cloud Kingdom
Lost Kingdom Metro Kingdom
Snow Kingdom Seaside Kingdom
Luncheon Kingdom Ruined Kingdom
Bowser’s Kingdom Moon Kingdom
Dark Side Mushroom Kingdom

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