Super Mario Odyssey - Cascade Kingdom Power Moon No.36 (Cascade Kingdom Master Cup): Location Guide

This Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon guide shows the location of Cascade Kingdom Master Cup in Cascade Kingdom and how to get it.

Cascade Kingdom Master Cup



The Koopa Racer near the Odyssey in Cascade Kingdom after completing the Cascade Kingdom Regular Cup.

How to Get

  1. Talk to the Koopa Racer near the Odyssey to begin a hard version of the Cascade Kingdom Cup.
  2. Finish first to get the Power Moon.
  3. There is a shortcut that you can take to make it easier to win the race. When you are near the area with the four Chomps (three small ones and a big one), look for a path on the right marked by four white hats that you can activate. Throwing your cap to them will make platforms appear which will lead you to the beacon faster.

Cascade Kingdom Power Moons

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