Super Mario Odyssey - Cascade Kingdom: Walkthrough

This page contains a strategy guide for the Cascade Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. The guide includes the location for each Power Moons in the kingdom.

Cascade Kingdom

Cascade Kingdom: Walkthrough

The Cascade Kingdom is a dinosaur-themed area in Super Mario Odyssey where you will encounter different dinosaurs such as the T-Rex and the Triceratops. It has a greater location called Fossil Falls where the visible landmark is the waterfall flowing from the Triceratops skeleton.

Mario needs 4 Power Moons in order to power up the Odyssey.


Our First Power Moon

  1. Proceed up the ridge and capture Chain Chomp
    • Pull its chain to the opposite direction of the breakable boulder, then release once several lights show up.
  2. Repeat this process for the remaining boulders.
  3. After smashing all the boulders, take the Power Moon to end this short assignment.

Multi Moon Atop the Falls

  1. Cross the lowered drawbridge to trigger a cutscene.
  2. Follow the path and take note of the T-Rex on the left.
  3. Capturing a Big Chain Chomp.
    • Break the wall to the right using the captured Big Chain Chomp.
    • Alternatively you could capture the T-Rex snoozing atop the ridge to remove more blocks with ease.

Stone Bridge

  1. Head over to the opposite side of the bridge.
    • Once you reach the next section a wave of enemies pop up. Clear the path by performing a Spin Throw.
    • Capture the Chain Chomp and have it break the facade of the mountain to reveal an 8-bit section.
    • Enter the green pipe and solve this short side mission. There is a Power Moon by the left side of this wall that you can find as 2D Mario.
  2. Break the 2D blocks covering the path then scale the cliff as 2D Mario.

Fossil Fall Heights

  1. Capture a Chain Chomp and break the wall to the right.
  2. Enter the boss area to trigger a cutscene.
  3. Defeat Madame Brood.

Boss Fight: Madame Brood

You can go to our in-depth Madame Brood Boss Guide or move to the next area: Sand Kingdom.


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