Super Mario Odyssey - Easter Eggs: Guide

Super Mario Odyssey's massive game world gives some interesting throwbacks to some of the most memorable characters and features in the series.

Easter Eggs in Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey pays homage to various works within the Super Mario Universe. They may appear in the form of characters, mini games or even game mechanics as you adventure across the kingdoms to save the princess.


Mario’s reptilian friend Yoshi makes an appearance in Super Mario Odyssey. He appears in the Mushroom Kingdom which you can visit after clearing the game.

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Outfits of Recurring Characters in the Series

You can obtain various outfits in the game, including those worn by Luigi and even Wario.

Original Donkey as a Mini Game in New Donk City (Metro Kingdom)

When you reach New Donk City in the Metro Kingdom, you’ll be able briefly play the classic Donkey Kong game as it appeared on the Family Computer system. Sadly, you can only play it once during the playthrough.

We’ll be adding more Easter Eggs when we discover them in the game so check back regularly for updates.

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