Super Mario Odyssey - Luncheon Kingdom Walkthrough

A walkthrough and guide for Luncheon Kingdom, including collectibles, enemies, and boss strategies. Enjoy this game while playing Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars - Luncheon Kingdom Walkthrough

Luncheon Kingdom

Mario’s previous journey in Super Mario 3D All-Stars continues with Super Mario Odyssey’s Luncheon Kingdom.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars - Luncheon Kingdom Walkthrough

The Luncheon Kingdom is themed after colorful food, where there are giant colored fruits scattered everywhere. Its has the greater location called Mount Volbano, a volcano which pours out pink lava. Mount Volbano is also where the Volbonans live.

Luncheon Kingdom Power Moon Directory

Luncheon Kingdom Walkthrough

The Broodals are After some Cooking

  1. Take control of a Lava Bubble and climb up the steps.
  2. Fight Spewart.

Boss Fight: Spewart

Click here to go to out detailed guide on how to defeat Spewart.

Under some Cheese Rocks

  1. Pass through the plaza and head out to the east. Capture a Lava Bubble.
  2. Take it to the point where the magma boils and rises up.
  3. Take control of a Hammer bro and destroy the cheese rock above the step.
  4. Acquire the power moon that appears after you flip the switch.

Big Pot on the Volcano – Dive In

  1. Climb the hill.
  2. Take the block of meat on the hill.
  3. Twitch in order to break the salt casing. Leave the plateau.
  4. You’ll be thrown into the stew. Cross the soup of ingredients to obtain the Grand Moon.

Climbing Up the Cascading Magma

  1. Head back to the starting point. Capture a bubble and take a left and take a new cannon to launch yourself across a gap.
  2. Climb the steps up to the checkpoint at the entrance to the volcano cave.
  3. Cross through the clay pipe and head to the other side.
  4. Head to the top of the volcano and drop down the side.
  5. Take control of a bubble and climb Magma Falls, then get off.
  6. When you reach the final platform, take control of another Lava Bubble to light the unlit torch and obtain a Power Moon.

Cookatiel Showdown

  1. Head out to the entrance of the summit route.
  2. Ascend up the platform.
  3. You can use the lava platforms if you took control of a Lava Bubble, or use the solid blue platforms if you’re currently controlling Mario.
  4. Pass through the summit route checkpoint.
  5. Swim into the pot to face Cookatiel.

Boss Fight: Cookatiel

Click here to go to our detailed guide on how to defeat Cookatiel.

Power Moon Locations

Mario needs to have 18 Power Moons in the Luncheon Kingdom in order to power up the Odyssey.

Main Power Moons

Mission How to Get
The Broodals Are After Some Cookin’ Defeat the red-haired Broodal.
Under the Cheese Rocks Capture a Hammer Bro and use his frying pans to break a few cheese rocks to reveal a switch that opens a cage which contains a Power Moon.
Love Above the Lava Meet the female Goomba while controlling a captured Goomba Stack.
Magma Narrow Path Capture a Lava Bubble and overcome a pink lava level challenge in a hidden area.
A Strong Simmer Capture a Lava Bubble and heat the first pot in the cooking area.
An Extreme Simmer Capture a Lava Bubble and heating the second pot in the cooking area.
Is This an Ingredient Too?! Break the crates near the Crazy Cap store then climb to the top of the structure.
Golden Turnip Recipe 1 Throw a golden turnip into the cooking pot near the Crazy Cap store.
Atop a Column in a Row Ground pound a high pillar in Peronza Plaza.
Excavate ‘n’ Search the Cheese Rocks Collect five Moon Shards in a hidden area found right before going to the “Under the Cheese Rocks” Power Moon.
Climb the Cheese Rocks Climb the highest cheese rock in a hidden area found right before reaching the “Under the Cheese Rocks” Power Moon.
Lurking in the Pillar’s Shadow Found in the first area of the Luncheon Kingdom in a corner between two pillars.
Fork Flickin’ to the Summit Capture Volbonans and use their hat spinners to reach the top of a summit in a hidden area.
Luncheon Kingdom Slots Line up five Power Moon symbols on the slot machine.
Taking Notes: Swimming in Magma Collect all of the Rainbow Notes above the lava near the Meat Plateau.
Beneath the Rolling Vegetables Found at the end of the 2D segment beneath an island where there are large rolling bell peppers.
Luncheon Kingdom Timer Challenge 1 Capture a scarecrow near the first area and wall jump up the blocks that appear.

Multi Moons

Mission How to Get
Big Pot on the Volcano: Dive In! Use Cappy to capture a slab of meat then let Mario ride Cookatiel to the top of Mount Volbono.

Crazy Cap Locations

We will post where each cap in the area can be found in the kingdom once the game releases. Stay tuned for updates.

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