Super Mario Odyssey - Princess Peach Locations List: Guide

For post-game content, Super Mario Odyssey now has Princess Peach venturing around the world. In every kingdom, she provides Mario another Power Moon.

Princess Peach

Princess Peach is the main female character which Mario has to save on most occasions. Unlike the other games however, Princess Peach in Super Mario Odyssey has a different function. When Mario approaches her, she usually gives him a Power Moon upon talking to her. Depending on which kingdom Mario finds himself in, Princess Peach’s locations also varies.

However, Princess Peach only grants you Power Moons after finishing the game.

Princess Peach Locations

Power Moon No. Kingdom Description
1 Cap Kingdom Princess Peach appears right next to the Crazy Cap store, standing on her own platform.
2 Cascade Kingdom At the left  of Fossil Falls Heights Warp Flag, Princess Peach is near the ledge above the huge waterfall. She’s now wearing explorer gear.
3 Sand Kingdom First, warp to the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower flag. Then, capture the closest electrical wire to reach the top. This will then lead you to the top of the inverted pyramid where Princess Peach is.
4 Wooded Kingdom Head towards the Secret Flower Field Entrance Flag. After that, spin around to get the Kettle Robot back on the other side of the field. After that, climb the platforms and make your way to the Observatory deck where you’ll find Princess Peach.
5  Lake Kingdom Return to the Broodal Boss Arena and head to the top of the plaza. Princess Peach will be standing right there.
6 Cloud Kingdom Bounce your way into the Cloud Kingdom’s Main Area and you’ll find Princess Peach standing at the far side of the map.
7 Lost Kingdom Head to the Rocky Mountain Summit Flag. There, you’ll find her standing next to the Crazy Cap Shop.
8 Metro Kingdom From the Rooftop Garden Flag, use the electrical wires and the flag poles to get to the higher rooftops. Keep following the electrical wires up until you reach the top to find Princess Peach.
9 Snow Kingdom Travel to the Above the Ice Wall flag. Then, drop down and continue down the hill. On the way, Princess Peach will be on the left right before you hit the steps.
10 Seaside Kingdom When you reach the Seaside Kingdom, make your way to the Beach House Flag. From there, choose a Water Fountain that will send you spiraling into a Goblet where you’ll find Peach standing there.
11 Luncheon Kingdom Warp to the Peronza Plaza and dive into the crowd. Before exiting the area, you’ll find Princess Peach standing next to the pillars on the right.
12 Ruined Kingdom Using the flag nearest to the Odyssey, run up the stairs where you’ll find a machine that transforms you into a ball of electricity. Access the machine and you’ll fly all the way to the platform where the Dragon is. You’ll find her standing at the left (your right) of his snout.
13 Bowser’s Kingdom Head to the Crazy Cap Store and you’ll find her standing near the seating area.
14 Moon Kingdom You’ll need a frog to get up to her. Head towards Ever After Hill where you’ll find her standing at the Bell Tower. Using a frog, hop your way up and talk to her for your Power Moon.
15 Mushroom Kingdom Speak to Toad at the castle entrance. He’ll tell you that Peach is done with her vacation before pointing out that she’s at the balcony. The tricky part is getting up there. When you find a Scarecrow, capture it to create stairs up to the castle roof. From the top, drop down to the balcony to get your last Princess Peach power moon.

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