Super Mario Odyssey - Ruined Kingdom: Walkthrough

Know where to find the most important Power Moons in the Ruined Kingdom by reading this Walkthrough Guide for Super Mario Odyssey.

Ruined Kingdom

This page contains a strategy guide on the Ruined Kingdom found in Super Mario Odyssey. The guide contains walkthroughs for each location in the kingdom, as well as the location for each Power Moon in the area.

Ruined Kingdom: Walkthrough

The Ruined Kingdom is surrounded by eerie purple clouds that makes the entire kingdom dark and foggy. In addition, there are several buildings or skyscrapers that look abandoned and destroyed, which gives the kingdom its name “ruined”. Its greater location is named Crumbleden. This kingdom is the darkest and gloomiest kingdom in the game alongside the Cap Kingdom.

Mario needs 6 Power Moons in order to power up the Odyssey.


After obtaining the first Power Moon, Spin Throw Cappy on the sword at the center of the two torches to give him a boost with the Spark Pylon to reach the distant tower.

This triggers a cutscene against the Ruined Kingdom boss – Lord of Lightning.

Boss Fight: Lord of Lightning

You can go to our in-depth Lord of Lightning Boss Guide or move to the next area: Bowser’s Kingdom.


List of Kingdoms
Cap Kingdom Cascade Kingdom
Sand Kingdom Lake Kingdom
Wooded Kingdom Cloud Kingdom
Lost Kingdom Metro Kingdom
Snow Kingdom Seaside Kingdom
Luncheon Kingdom Ruined Kingdom
Bowser’s Kingdom Moon Kingdom
Dark Side Mushroom Kingdom

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