Super Mario Odyssey - New Trailer for Odyssey Showcases More Gameplay: News

A new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey is out in the Nintendo Youtube Channel. What new exciting gameplay elements are included in the trailer?

New Trailer for Odyssey

Source: Nintendo Youtube Channel

A new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey is released Nintendo of America in their Youtube channel. This trailer, which focuses on several gameplay elements in the game, shows different locations that Mario traverses through like New Donk City and Seaside Kingdom.

There is a glimpse of the origin story about why Cappy looks like Mario’s signature hat. It seems that Cappy retrieved Mario’s tattered hat and transformed himself to look like the hat.

Gameplay Elements

Mario can use Cappy to “capture” monsters or enemies and take control of them to utilize their abilities. This mechanic is also crucial in some puzzles, as you need a specific enemy skill in order to complete a puzzle. Mario can also use Cappy to act as a platform or to activate switches.

new trailer 1

Source: Nintendo Youtube Channel

The new trailer also shows The Odyssey, the airship that Mario and Cappy uses to travel to different kingdoms. This airship is powered using Power Moons, which are the most important item in the game. These Power Moons will help Mario gather enough power in order to reach and defeat Bowser.

new trailer 2

Source: Nintendo Youtube Channel

Mario can find the Power Moons almost anywhere in a kingdom, not just by defeating bosses. The moons are hidden somewhere deep within the kingdom or it is obtainable by helping NPCs in that world.

Also in the trailer, there is a scene wherein Mario is freezing and is slowly turning into ice. This connects to a gameplay mechanic wherein you have to wear a specific outfit in order for Mario to stay warm.

The new trailer also shows some 2D sections in the game where Mario needs to stick to wall in order to advance to the next area (similar to the mechanic found in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds). This mechanic add a layer of depth into the already complex game.

new trailer 3

Source: Nintendo Youtube Channel

Lastly, the new trailer showcased how to use the Snapshot Mode, wherein you can take pictures of Mario traversing around the area. You can change the angles of the camera as well as how far you want the camera to be in the shot.

Super Mario Odyssey release date on October 27, 2017 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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