Super Mario Odyssey - Ruined Kingdom Power Moon No.10 (The Mummy’s Army Curse): Location Guide

Ruined Kingdom The Mummy’s Army Curse

Ruined Kingdom The Mummy's Army Curse


The stairs near the Odyssey checkpoint. The 10th Power Moon appears in the same location as Upon the Broken Arch.

You need to first break the Moon Rock to locate the Power Moon The Mummy’s Army Curse.

How to Get

  1. Capture Chargin’ Chuck and pilot him to break the concrete blocks underneath the entrance platform.
    • Gather the stash of coins that appear.
  2. Return to the side where the entrance pipe is located by using the pole.
  3. Search for a shining Chincho and take it out with a combination of Spin Throws and Ground pounds.
  4. Once that’s done, collect the Power Moon that it drops.

Ruined Kingdom Power Moons

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