Super Mario Odyssey - Ruined Kingdom Power Moon No.4 (Roulette Tower: Stopped): Location Guide

This Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon guide shows the location of Ruined Kingdom Roulette Tower: Stopped and how to get it.

Ruined Kingdom Roulette Tower: Stopped

Ruined Kingdom Roulette Tower: Stopped


Defeat the Lord of Lightning then take the Rocket Ship.

How to Get

  1. Use Spin Throw to take the Rocket Ship to find an 8-bit section.
  2. Hit the P block, then enter the 8-bit section. Jump up then move to the right side of the wall.
    • Time your Spin throw so that the blocks form an opposite “L” shape.
  3. Scale the path upwards to return to 8-bit.
  4. Break the ? block on by jumping to force a red Koopa to stop, then push it to the left side of the wall to clear a path.
  5. Another puzzle starts, time a well-placed spin throw once the red and blue vertical bars pause at the lower half of the square.
  6. Pass through to claim the collectible.

Ruined Kingdom Power Moons

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