Super Mario Odyssey - Ruined Kingdom Power Moon No.9 (Charging Through an Army): Location Guide

This Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon guide shows the location of Ruined Kingdom Charging Through an Army and how to get it

Ruined Kingdom Charging Through an Army


Ruined Kingdom Charging Through an Army

Grey pipe near the Odyssey in Ruined Kingdom.

You need to first break the Moon Rock to locate the Power Moon Upon the Broken Arch.

How to Get

  1. Enter the pipe by the Odyssey to find a football field lined with poles and concrete blocks.
  2. Quickly climb lower left pole to avoid contact with the swarm of Chinchos that appear.
    1. Flip forward then follow up with a Spin Throw.
    2. Dart to the next pole parallel to the first one and scale up to the top.
  3.  Activate the lever to release the lock of the caged Chargin’ Chuck.
    1. Capture it then head up the slope and smash through the blocks.
    2. Break the cage with force to claim the collectible.

Ruined Kingdom Power Moons

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