Super Mario Odyssey - Sand Kingdom Power Moon No.6 (Alcove in the Ruins): Location Guide

This Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon guide shows the location of Alcove in the Ruins and how to get it.

Alcove in the Ruins


Nook in the quicksand area of Tostarena Ruins Round Tower Flag site.

How to Get

  1. From the fast travel location, use Glydon to descend to the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower Flag location.
    • The site is armed with Bullet Bill cannons south of the flag.
  2. At this point you may opt to remain as Glydon or release the capture.
    • Whichever you choose, jump down to reach the quicksand at the lower level.
    • If you choose to go as Mario, keep jumping to avoid getting sucked by the quicksand.
  3. Follow the brick walls covered by the 8-bit section then collect the Power Moon inside the alcove.

Sand Kingdom Power Moons

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