Elden Ring - Best Sorcery Builds for PvE

A guide on the best Sorcery builds for PVE in Elden Ring. Included are the best starting classes for Mage builds (pure and hybrid), recommended stat distribution, best weapons, armor, talisman, shields, skills (Ashes of War), and spells.

Elden Ring - Best Sorcery Builds for PVE

Best Sorcery Builds for PVE in Elden Ring


The Sorcery build in Elden Ring relies on casting a variety of offensive spells to take out enemies from a distance while also being capable of close-range combat if such situations arise. Sorcery-focused character require high levels of Intelligence and Mind to increase their spell damage and number of spell casts respectively.

Intelligence-focused builds typically wield Dexterity-scaling weapons for melee range so investing in the corresponding attribute is also  considered. It should be noted that higher Dexterity values will reduce cast time which is another good reason to allocated points to Dexterity. Unique armaments that gain damage bonuses from Intelligence are also favored by Sorcerer-type characters, particularly the Sword of Night and Flame.

Primary Stats Vigor, Intelligence, Mind, Dexterity
Secondary Stats Endurance, Faith
Weapons Daggers, Straight Swords, Katanas, Glinstone Staves
Shields Small Shields
Beginner Recommendation ★★★★★

Best Character Builds

Starting Classes

Astrologer and Prisoner

Elden Ring - Astrologer Starting Class Elden Ring - Prisoner Starting Class

The Astrologer and Prisoner are the best starting classes for Sorcery builds because of their high initial Intelligence and Mind stats. In terms of spellcasting alone, the Astrologer is the best choice as the boast the highest base Intelligence and Mind values out of all starting classes across the board.

Best Starting Classes to Choose

Initial Stats

Astrologer 6 9 15 9 8 12 16 7 9
Prisoner 9 11 12 11 11 14 14 6 9

Stats and Parameters List

Pure Sorcery Build

Recommended Stat Distribution (Lv. 50) using Astrologer Starting Class

Stat Value

Recommended Equipment


Recommended Weapon Upgrades (Ashes of War)

Ash of War Effect
? ?

Ashes of War List

Recommended Spells (Sorceries and Incantations)


Spellsword Build

Recommended Stat Distribution (Lv. 50) using Samurai Starting Class

Key stats are indicated in green. From Lv.51 onwards, you can continue investing points to these attributes towards the soft caps based on your performance towards the late stages of the game.

The key stats Intelligence and Faith should be increased up to the level that grants you high damage output using the Sword of Night and Flame and the ability to wield various Sorceries and Incantations to complement your playstyle. Otherwise, continue raising other stats such as Vigor and Endurance for increased survivability.

Stat Value
Vigor 17
Mind 22
Endurance 9
Strength 12
Dexterity 12
Intelligence 24
Faith 24
Arcane 9

Recommended Equipment

Weapons Longsword, Sword of Night and Flame, Glinstone Stave, Godslayer Seal (raise Faith to 27)
Shields Beast Crest Heater Shield, Great Turtle Shield (raise Strength to 14)
Talisman Any

Recommended Weapon Upgrades (Ashes of War)

Ash of War Effect
? ?

Ashes of War List

Recommended Spells (Sorceries and Incantations)

Sorceries Glinstone Pebble, Carian Slicer, Greatblade Phalanx
Incantations Heal, Great Heal, Lightning Spear, Flame Cleanse Me

Other Character Builds

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  1. My stat allocation is a work in progress but currently it’s as follows
    Vigor 22
    Mind 48
    End 12
    Strength 10
    Fed 14
    In 72 (with certain spoiler rings)
    Faith 10
    Arcane 12

    • With this I nuke boses with cerulean hidden tear* int knot tear
      Soul stream and lusat staff and helm plus singular go brrr