Elden Ring - Site of Grace Guide

Site of Grace guide for Elden Ring, including basic information on the key gameplay mechanic, features, and things to do when resting at the location.

Elden Ring - Site of Grace Guide

Site of Grace Guide for Elden Ring

Elden Ring - Site of Grace

In Elden Ring, a Site of Grace is a checkpoints that allows you to do a number of important actions as you progress through the game’s main story. Among the Site of Grace’s simplest functions is to provide a respawn point for your character each time you die.

Leveling up your character, refilling your Healing Flask, managing your items, and a number of other useful features are available upon interacting with Sites of Grace which are listed below.

Things You Can Do at a Site of Grace

Level Up

Sites of Grace allow you to spend Runes you have accumulated to level up. Doing so lets you allocate points to your character’s stats that affect different parameters like maximum HP, stamina, weapon damage, and resistances.

Distribute HP and FP Restoring Flask Charges

You can also distribute the uses of your restorative flasks for recovering HP or FP at a Site of Grace. This allows you to freely set up your flasks if you want more charges for the Flask of Crimson Tears to regain health or the Flask of Cerulean Tears that replenish the number of magic casts.

Equip Sorceries and Incantations

Sites of Grace also let you memorize Sorceries and Incantations you have obtained, giving you a means to customize your spell loadout against enemies with different types of weaknesses.

Mix Crystal Tears to Create Wondrous Physicks

Combining different crystal tears results in the creation of Wondrous Physicks which can have a variety of useful effects in battle. This feature can also be accessed from a Site of Grace.

Sort Items

Sites of Grace allow you to access your item storage box to offload or take equipment you need at any time. Being able to free up space in your inventory is useful and will prevent you from accidentally discarding or selling items by accident.

Customize Equipped Ashes of War

Ashes of War that you apply to weapons can easily be managed at Sites of Grace, giving you a way to mix and match unique skills and affinities on your preferred armaments.

Revive Torrent (Spectral Steed)

Torrent, your Spectral Steed, can be revived by resting at a Site of Grace when it dies during the course of your journey. Afterwards, you will be able to summon your loyal horse again using the Spectral Steed Whistle.

Fast Travel to Other Sites of Grace

You can travel between Sites of Grace that you have discovered across different locations in the Lands Between. Note that fast travel is disabled when you are engaged by enemies since Sites of Grace will become unavailable.

Wait for Time to Pass

Resting at Sites of Grace allows time to cycle through the day, afternoon, and night. This is useful for triggering certain events or encounters that are only available at specific times of the day.

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