Elden Ring - Dodge Roll and Equipment Weight Guide

Dodge roll and equipment weight guide for Elden Ring. Included are how to perform dodge rolls, types of dodge rolls, effect of equipment weight ratio to invincibility frames, and tips to lower encumbrance in the game.

Elden Ring - Dodge Roll and Equipment Weight Guide

Dodge Roll and Equipment Weight Guide for Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you can evade an enemy’s attack by performing a dodge roll with correct timing. To perform a dodge roll, press the ○ button while tilting the left analog stick to specific direction.

Action Input
Dodge Roll Tilt left analog stick + ○

During this action, your character gains a temporary period of invincibility, making the skill essential for defeating bosses and smoothly progressing through the game.

Equipment Weight and Effect on Dodge Roll

The type of dodge roll your character will perform depends on their current equipment weight ratio. Depending on how encumbered you are while using different weapons and armor, you will execute 1 of 3 types of dodge rolls.

Equipment Weight Ratio Dodge Roll Type Details
0% to 30% Fast Roll Features the same amount of invincibility time as that of the regular roll but allows you to cover more distance while rolling. The light roll also starts up and recovers significantly faster than the medium roll, hence its name.
30.1 to 70% Regular Roll Has the same invincibility time as fast roll but is slower to come out and covers less distance. This is the recommended threshold for most players, especially those new to the game.
70.1% to 100% Heavy Roll (aka “Fat Roll”) Features the least amount of invincibility time, distance traveled, and startup and recovery times out of all the dodge roll types. This is the least desired type of roll in the game and offers very little in the way of evading attacks.

Tips to Lower Equipment Weight Ratio

Increase Endurance to withstand heavier equipment load.

Increasing your characters endurance allows them to use heavier weapons and armor to avoid heavy dodge rolling. Most melee-focused builds using larger weapons should invest a few stat points to endurance to gain a decent amount of evasive ability in battle.

Use lighter armor whenever possible.

While heavier armor does provide better protection against most enemy attacks, certain enemies such as bosses will still be able to kill you in a few hits. Therefore, try to focus on learning to dodge enemy attacks instead of tanking them as you progress further and take on tougher foes.

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