Elden Ring - Stats and Parameters List

All stats and parameters in Elden Ring, including details on each and how they affect your character's performance in the game.

Elden Ring - Stats Guide

Stats and Parameters List for Elden Ring

Below are all character stats and parameters in Elden Ring. The higher the value of each stat, the higher the parameters affected become. To increase each stat, you must level-up by accumulating Runes throughout the game.

Stat Progression Guide for Beginners

To optimize your character’s build, take note of the soft caps of each stat that determine whether putting more points into certain attributes is no longer worth the investment (after reaching a certain level).

Stat Soft Caps Guide

Character Stats

Stat Parameters Affected
Vigor HP, Fire and Poison Resistance
Mind FP, Focus Resistance
Endurance Stamina, Physical Defense, Robustness, Max Equipment Load
Strength Strength Weapon Damage
Dexterity Dexterity Weapon Damage
Intelligence Magic Damage, Sorcery Damage, Magic Weapon Damage, Magic Resistance
Faith Incantation Damage and Effectiveness, Faith Weapon Damage
Arcane Discovery, Death Resistance, Sorcery and Incantation Resistance

Character Parameters

Parameter Details
HP Your character’s maximum health pool.
FP Your character’s maximum focus points that determines the number of times you can cast spells.
Stamina Your character’s maximum stamina that is expended upon performing actions such as attacking, running, jumping, and dodging.
Equipment Load Your character’s total equipment load that affects how fast or slow they run and the type of dodge roll they will perform.
Discovery Your character’s chance of finding items from enemies defeated.
Memory Slots Your character’s total memory slots that determine how many spells or incantations they can have equipped at a time.

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