Elden Ring - Recommended Game Settings

A guide on recommended game settings for Elden Ring. Included are the best configurations for the HUD during play, game control settings, and toggling automatic online connection at the title screen.

Elden Ring - Recommended Game Settings

Recommended Game Settings for Elden Ring

Below are recommended game settings for playing Elden Ring. Included are specific configurations for those familiar with past action RPG titles from FromSoftware and other tweaks to make the learning the game much easier.

Enable HUD to Always Display Character Status

You can set your HUD to always display important parameters such as your character’s HP and equipped weapons and items during play. From the title screen or game menu, go to SYSTEM > Display and Sound > HUD > Set from “AUTO” to “ON.”

Recommended Control Settings

Players more used to the control layout found in Souls games may choose to adopt the settings below.

Input Action (Default) Action (Recommended)
Jump Roll/Dash
Roll/Dash Interact
Interact Jump

For new players and those more familiar with the control scheme used in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the default settings should be fine.

Game Controls

Turn Off Automatic Online Connection at the Title Screen

To disable the game from automatically connecting to the internet at the title screen, go to SYSTEM > Network Settings > Title Launch Settings > “Offline.” This should prevent human players from invading you while you are still learning the ropes while going through the first few areas of the game.

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