Elden Ring - Can You Change the Difficulty?

Can you change Elden Ring''s difficulty? Also included are some tips to make the game easier if you are struggling during the first few areas in the Lands Between.

Elden Ring - Can You Change the Difficulty?

Can You Change the Difficulty in Elden Ring?

As with most games in the Souls series, Elden Ring does not feature adjustable difficulty. This means that all players will experience the same challenging but immensely rewarding gameplay that the Souls games have become known for. It is also highly unlikely that any form of “easy mode” will be implemented in future updates.

Difficulty Increases in New Game Plus (NG+)

After beating Elden Ring’s main story, you will be able to access New Game Plus (NG+) which essentially lets you play through the game from the very beginning with all of your equipment, items, and level carried over. NG+ features harder enemies that have more health and deal more damage compared to your previous playthrough, making them even more challenging to defeat.

How to Make the Game Easier?

The most straightforward answer which will benefit you the most in the long-term is to simply learn the game’s mechanics better. A huge chunk of the Elden Ring’s difficulty is in its combat, especially against bosses. Try to learn enemy attack patterns by taking note of each move’s timing, range, the time it takes for the foe to recover from it, and their tendency to use certain moves to come up with effective countermeasures.

Another way to make your experience less frustrating is to summon other players to aid you when you get stuck at a certain area in the game. There is no shame in asking for help from other Tarnished as long as you work together to overcome bosses that are seemingly impossible for you to defeat by yourself. Playing online co-op is also a lot of fun.

Lastly, you can also try to raise your character’s level if you find that you are dying too often against different enemies. Try to look for good spots to farm for levels to make the game a bit easier.


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