Elden Ring - How to Quickly Reach Volcano Manor

A guide on how to quickly reach Volcano Manor in Elden Ring. Included are the steps to easily reach the location, required side quests, bosses to defeat, and other useful tips.

Elden Ring - How to Get to Volcano Manor

How to Quickly Reach Volcano Manor in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the fastest path to Volcano Manor can be accessed once you have reach the Liurnia of the Lakes region and have gained access to the Academy of Raya Lucaria. This requires you to have obtained the Glintstone Key north of the Temple Quarter Site of Grace (behind Glinstone Dragon Smarag).

Where to Find the Glintstone Key

Find Rya and complete her request.

From the Academy of Raya Lucaria, head south to find a small shrine. Rya, a young woman, will be standing there. Talk to her and agree to retrieve the necklace that was stolen from her. If you have unlocked the Laskyar Ruins Site of Grace, head north and a little west to find the shrine where Rya is.

The man who stole Rya’s necklace is found in Boilprawn Shack to the northwest of where Rya is. Ride there and talk to the Tarnished (Blackguard Boggart) cooking prawns. From here, you can either buy the necklace back or kill him. It is highly recommended to do the former as killing the Boggart locks you out of his questline.

Head back to Rya and give her back her necklace. Afterwards, agree to meet her at Altus Plateau later in the game.

Look for the Virgin Abductor (Wheel) at the bottom of the Academy of Lucaria Lift

After helping Rya, head back to the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Before proceeding further, it is recommended to spend any runes you have accumulated thus far. This is because you will be dying to an enemy later on purpose to transport you to the next area that eventually leads to Volcano Manor. Once you are teleported to this new location, you will not be able to leave (fast travel) until after you have defeated a boss duo there.

When you are ready, go inside the academy and move forward until you reach the open area with the cog-like lift on your right. Jump on the lift and ride it all the way until it starts to descend to the lowest part of the area.

At the bottom is a Virgin Abductor (Wheel) that you must die to when it uses a specific move. The attack you want the enemy to kill you with is its grab attack (when its skirt opens and long arms grab you). After dying to this attack, you will be transported to a location surrounded by lava that leads to a duo boss fight.

Defeat the Virgin Abductor Boss Duo

When you arrive in the fiery area, start going left across the lava by jumping on the patches of land. Follow the path going to a tunnel and keep jumping over the lava. Descend the area at the end of the path and keep following the walkable portions until you start to descend again.

Eventually you will see a castle platform structure below. Head down there and go up the stairs to find a Site of Grace. Activate it to have a respawn point for the upcoming boss fight.

Jump down the on your left from the Site of Grace and move forward. Cross the beam to avoid the lava and jump to the next one ahead. Then, move through the tunnel to find a dead end. Eventually, the floor below you will crash, revealing a new area underneath. Move to the fog gate ahead to begin the double boss battle against the Virgin Abductors (Wheel and Sickle).

Head to Lux Ruins

After defeating the bosses, interact with the Site of Grace. Then, take the exit leading to Mt. Gelmir. Jump down the ruined path to find another Site of Grace below.

From the Site of Grace, ride out into the open area and you should be in Altus Plateau. Your next destination is Lux Ruins southeast from here (or directly south from Wyndham Ruins). After coming down the hill and riding south from Wyndham Ruins, you will eventually come to another Site of Grace (Erdtree-Gazing Hill) just in front of the Lux Ruins where Raya can be found. Move toward the ruins and up the path to find Rya standing nearby. Talk to her and agree to take her hand to be immediately transported to Volcano Manor. Be sure to activate the Site of Grace in the room to have the location saved for fast traveling.

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  1. “From the Site of Grace, travel north and head down the hill. If you helped Rya near Laskyar Ruins, go northwest to Lux Ruins. Interact with the Site of Grace. Then, move toward and ruins and up the path to find Rya standing nearby”

    That does not make any sense. Lux Ruins isn’t anywhere near North from there.