Elden Ring - Best Strength Builds for PvE

A guide on the best Strength builds for PVE in Elden Ring. Included are the best starting classes for Strength builds (pure and hybrid), recommended stat distribution, best weapons, armor, talisman, shields, skills (Ashes of War), and spells.

Elden Ring - Best Strength Builds for PVE

Best Strength Builds for PVE in Elden Ring


Strength builds focus on executing powerful close-range blows and jump attacks using large weapons to make short work of enemies. Strength-focused characters generally rely on two-handing their armament of choice to greatly improve damage deal with each swing and cause foes to become staggered for a follow-up riposte. Using various types of shields, however, is not  uncommon and enables these characters to block or parry incoming attacks.

Primary Stats Vigor, Strength, Endurance,
Secondary Stats Dexterity, Intelligence, Faith
Weapons Greatswords, Hammers, Axes, Great Spears, Colossal Swords
Shields Small Shields, Standard Shields, Greatshields
Beginner Recommendation ★★★★

Best Character Builds

Starting Classes

Hero and Vagabond

Elden Ring - Hero Starting Class Elden Ring - Vagabond Starting Class

The Hero and Vagabond are the best starting classes for Strength builds because of their high initial Strength stat. The Vagabond, in particular, boasts high Vigor and Endurance to wear heavy armor that grants increased Poise.

Best Starting Classes to Choose

Initial Stats

Vagabond 9 15 10 11 14 13 9 9 7
Hero 7 14 9 12 16 9 7 8 11

Stats and Parameters List

Pure Strength Build

Recommended Stat Distribution (Lv. 50) using Vagabond Starting Class

Key stats are indicated in green. From Lv.51 onwards, you can continue investing points to these attributes towards the soft caps based on your performance towards the late stages of the game. The key stat Strength should be increased up to the level that allows you to wield the weapon and shield you want to use during the end-game. Otherwise, continue raising other stats such as Vigor and Endurance for increased survivability or start putting points on non-primary attributes if you are making a hybrid of this build.

Stat Value
Vigor 25
Mind 10
Endurance 25
Strength 30
Dexterity 14
Intelligence 9
Faith 9
Arcane 7

Recommended Equipment

Weapons Club, Lordsworn’s Greatsword, Rusted Anchor, Greatsword (raise Strength to 31), Grafted Greatsword (raise Strength to 40)
Shields Beast Heater Shield
Talisman Any

Recommended Weapon Upgrades (Ashes of War)

Ash of War Effect
? ?

Ashes of War List

Recommended Spells (Sorceries and Incantations)

There are no recommended Sorceries and Incantations for this build since Intelligence and Faith are not key stats. Feel free to increase the said parameters to customize this build based on your preferences or if you intend to wield weapons that scale with Strength/Intelligence or Strength/Faith.

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