Elden Ring - How to Fast Travel

A guide on how to fast travel in Elden Ring. Included are mechanics of fast traveling to different areas using Sites of Grace and other useful tips.

Elden Ring - How to Fast Travel

How to Fast Travel in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, fast traveling allows you to revisit locations you have previously discovered. Given the great distances you are likely to travel between different areas, being able to instantly teleport to areas you have been before is incredibly convenient.

Use Sites of Grace to Travel to Other Areas

Elden Ring - Site of Grace

You can warp to different Sites of Grace you have already interacted with to quickly move between each location in the game. Note that there will be certain instances during the main story where a Site of Grace may become deactivated, preventing you from fast traveling.

Fast Travel is Disabled in Certain Dungeons

Fast travel is locked in certain areas in the game, particularly in Legacy Dungeons. This means that you are cut off from having any means to easily warp to and from these areas.

Fast Travel is Inaccessible When Engaged in Combat

It is also not possible to fast travel when locked in battle against enemies since Sites of Grace will become unavailable. If you need a quick escape from an unfavorable situation, use the Vision of Grace to warp back to the last Site of Grace you visited. When in open areas, you can call Torrent, your Spectral Steed, and flee to a safe location.

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