Elden Ring - Permanent Events

A guide on all permanent events, unchangeable choices, missable items, and points-of-no-return in Elden Ring. Included are things to keep in mind when starting a new game to avoid getting locked out of certain side quests, equipment, skills, spells, and other useful features during the main story.

Elden Ring - Permanent Events

Permanent Events in Elden Ring

Below are all permanent events, unchangeable choices, missable items, and points-of-no-return in Elden Ring. Be sure to take the warnings below into consideration when starting a new game to prevent making any major mistakes in your playthrough.

Starting Class Cannot Be Changed.

Elden Ring - Starting Class Selection

The starting class that you choose determines your character’s initial level and spread of stats. In the long run, reaching high enough levels will allow you to raise your parameters to your desired levels regardless of your starting class. Being able to allocate each stat point, however, is more optimal and will let you use certain weapons, armor, talismans, skills, and spells much earlier in the game.

Chosen Keepsake Cannot Be Changed.

When creating your character, you will also be asked to choose a Keepsake which is essentially a special item you get when you start your journey. Once you have decided on the Keepsake you want, there is no way to undo it so try to know in advance which Keepsakes will benefit your character’s intended build in the long-term.

Most Non-Player Characters (NPCs) Do Not Respawn When Killed.

Elden Ring - NPCs

Most NPCs in the game, including non-hostile ones, can be killed. Apart from merchants and other characters that can be revived at the Church of Vows using the Celestial Dew, some named NPCs will not respawn, preventing you from doing any quests (or series of quests) that can only be initiated by talking to them when they are alive.

Killing friendly NPCs may also cause you to miss out on useful equipment, skills, and spells, making it generally unfavorable to do so without knowing the consequences.

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  1. You clearly didn’t even play the game you can redo your skills with a soft fee basically it’s just gear but then you can go farm gear …. Your keepsake yeaaaa that really isn’t to big seed is best option unless something is hiding a purpose in there