Elden Ring - How to Get the Mount (Torrent)

A guide on how to get the mount (Torrent) in Elden Ring. Included are the steps to unlock the horse, where to find the Spectral Steed Whistle key item, mounted combat controls, and other useful tips.

Elden Ring - How to Get the Mount (Torrent)

How to Get the Mount (Torrent) in Elden Ring

Summon Your Horse in the Lands Between

Elden Ring - Torrent Spectral Steed Mount 1

Elden Ring takes place in the vast open world of the Lands Between which requires you to travel to distant locations throughout the game’s main story. Fortunately, you can unlock the ability to summon Torrent, a Spirit Steed, to help you get around faster and grant you increased mobility in combat.

Where to Find Torrent

Obtain the Spectral Steed Torrent from Melina

Elden Ring - Spectral Streed Whistle Key Item

Torrent is unlocked by once you successfully interact with three Sites of Grace, the game’s version of Bonfire checkpoints found in Souls games. This will allow you to meet Melina, a mysterious woman who will give you the Spectral Steed Whistle key item used to summon Torrent.

Mount Controls

The game controls when riding Torrent do not differ much from moving on foot. There are however, certain mechanics unique to mounted combat which are discussed below.

Input Action
Use Equipped Item
R1/R2 Attack
× Jump

Increased Mobility

As mentioned earlier, you can move around faster while riding Torrent which is useful for traveling great distances throughout the Lands Between. Being mounted also grants you better mobility in combat for adopting hit-and-run tactics or fleeing from an unfavorable encounter.

Better Vertical Reach

Torrent is able to perform a double jump, allowing you to higher areas. This is incredibly handy for discovering spots with hidden chests and other valuable loot. Double jumps also act as additional countermeasures against enemy attacks in the same way that dodging does.

Reviving Torrent

Torrent can die if he takes too much damage. To bring him back, you can use one charge of your Health Flask or rest at a Site of Grace.

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