Elden Ring - Where to Get Larval Tears

A guide on where to get Larval Tears in Elden Ring. Included are each Larval Tear's location, how to find them, how to use them to reset stats, and other useful tips.

Elden Ring - Where to Get Larval Tears

Where to Get Larval Tears in Elden Ring

Material Requires for Respecing Your Character

Elden Ring - Larval Tear

Larval Tears are a rare type of material in Elden Ring that allows you to respec your character by resetting your allocated stat points. They are incredible useful if you accidentally invested points to attributes that your build does not focus on or if you intend to try an adopt a completely different playstyle without having to begin a new playthrough.

Item Info

Item Type Material
Description Core of a creature of mimicry known as a silver tear. As much a substance as it is a living organism. Material required by the amber egg cradled by Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, to birth people anew. Being born anew allows the reallocation of attributes boosted by leveling up.

How to Get Larval Tears

Below is a list of all Larvel Tears and the exact locations they are found in the game.

Location How to Get
Siofre River Can be purchased from the Abandoned Vendor at Siofre River for 3,000 Runes. From Mistwood, head to the Siofre River Well structure and descend by riding the lift. Then, move through the underground area until you hear music which indicates that you are near the Abandoned Vendor’s camp.
Fallen Ruins of the Lake Head south from the Site of Grace and defeat the Giant Crayfish after it transforms into the Grafted Scion. It will drop the Larval Tear afterwards.
Village of the Albinaurics Pass through the poison-filled area near the lake in Liurnia. When you reach the road, follow it along the side and enter the building to discover a crypt (Nepheli Loux will also be found nearby). Take out the enemies and pick up the Larval Tear on the corpse nearby.

How to Respec Your Character

Once you have obtained a Larval Tear, talk to Rennala at the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Note that you can reach Rennala after acquiring a Glintstone Key. Before she can offer her services to reset your stats, you need to defeat her in battle first.

How to Respec Stats

Once, you have beaten Rennala, talk to her at the library of the academy to respec your character. Since there are less than a handfull of Larval Tears you can get in each playthrough, try to decide carefully what build your character will switch to beforehand.

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  1. Siofre River location instructions are awful. way more steps involved to get to vender leaving me confused and wasting my time.