Elden Ring - How to Overcome Dodge Roll Delay

A guide on how to overcome dodge roll delay in Elden Ring. Included are an explanation of the mechanics to perform a dodge roll, what causes the delay, and how to get around it.

Elden Ring - How to Get Around Dodge Roll Delay

How to Overcome Dodge Roll Delay in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you may experience a slight delay in the time your character performs a dodge roll after input. This can cause you to get hit and die too often when your intended action comes out later than expected. Below is a guide explaining the mechanics of performing a dodge, what causes dodge roll delay, and how to (hopefully) get around it.

How Dodge is Executed in Elden Ring

Dodging is performed by tilting the left analog stick in the direction you want to dodge + tapping the ○ button. If done correctly, your character should do an evasive roll that grants them a certain amount of invincibility to avoid an enemy’s attack.

Dodge Roll Type Depends on Equipment Weight

The type of dodge roll your character can perform varies based on their maximum equipment weight. This means that the lighter your current loadout of weapons, armor, and accessories, the faster you will be able to go into and recover from a dodge. To increase your character’s max equip weight, try putting some points into your Endurance stat.

Dodge Roll and Equipment Weight

A Deeper Look into the Execution

What does not seem apparent when performing a dodge roll is that the action itself will only come out after you have lifted your finger off the ○ button. In other words, your character does not actually perform the roll at the moment you hit ○.

The reason behind this mechanic is likely to differentiate the inputs for sprinting and dodging which are both mapped on the exact same button (○). Tilting the left analog stick to a specific direction while pressing and keeping ○ held down will cause your character to sprint. The dodge roll, an entirely different maneuver, is done very similarly but instead of keeping the ○ held down, you are only supposed to tap it to perform an evasive roll.

What Causes the Delay

With these conditions, it seems that the game processes your input of the ○ button based on how long you keep it held. Pressing and releasing the button just a little over the normal speed of a tap, therefore, will cause your dodge roll to come out later than intended as the game will initially interpret the slight delayed release of the button as the input to sprint.

How to Overcome the Delay

Unfortunately, the only work around to prevent dodge roll delay is to train yourself to get consistently perform dodges to avoid sprinting by accident. Always keep in mind to tap the ○ button and practice lifting your thumb off fast enough to perform the roll. It may seem challenging at first, especially since there is a likelihood for muscles in your fingers to tense up during critical moments. This will often cause you to press the dodge button for longer than it is required to perform the action you want. Just keep at it and you should be able to pull off dodge rolls more consistently in the game.

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  1. there is delay right after the button is released. DS3 also has this same button configuration but its not as bad as this. and when bosses move instantly you have to be allowed to move instantly as well. there is no skill in guessing what a CPU would do, we need to be allowed to react. bosses tend to delay their certain attacks to bait u, and some attacks are super fast. we need to be equipped to deal with this naturally. accounting for this unnatural delay is just bad design

  2. Let’s not cover for them. This is something that shouldn’t be in the game, it’s not that hard to allow players to remap the dodge and sprint themselves. Just another bad port from the dark souls devs. I like the game but the 1 second delay is killing me, it’s never been THIS bad.

  3. I’m suck at this, I got accustomed on Sekiro’s very responsive and fast phased controls. If it’s a feature I wish modders will change this thing.

  4. Tapping the roll button definitely helps a bit but I hope they patch the game soon. so hard to no damage bosses with the lag

  5. The delay is clearly and very obviously linked to poor performance in certain areas. The only solution is to deal with it until performance gets patched, or just get used to delay if performance doesn’t end up getting a fix.

    • The delay is adter you released the button, make a test by yourself.
      Also try to double tap on dodge button, and wait…
      All those stuffs break the cherm of a past-perfectly-timed mechanics.
      Its frustrating at a higher lvl..
      Well its shit!

  6. This is not entirely accurate. You still have a .2 – .3 second delay from taping button to character rolling. One thing I have noticed, is the roll delay is worse the heavier you are. Either way, this delay, makes it extremely difficult to time your rolls. This needs to be fixed, if it is intended, it is a very poor design, and should be fixed. Either way, it’s adding g an extra level of difficulty in an already very hard game.