Lies of P - All Cryptic Vessel Locations and Solutions

All Cryptic Vessel Locations and Solutions guide for Lies of P, including the availability of all Cryptic Vessels, how to decipher the Cryptic Vessels, how to get all Cryptic Vessels, and all puzzle solutions for each Cryptic Vessel.

Lies of P - All Cryptic Vessel Locations and Solutions

All Cryptic Vessel Locations and Solutions Guide for Lies of P

What is a Cryptic Vessel?

Hand it over to Benigni and have him decipher it to receive a reward.

Once you acquire a Cryptic Vessel, hand it over to Venigni and let him decipher the message it contains. After it is completely deciphered, a photo along with a message will show up on your screen. Head to the location indicated in the photo and solve the puzzle to receive a reward.

How to Get and Solve Cryptic Vessels

Name Availability
Crafted Cryptic Vessel Chapter 4
Jeweled Cryptic Vessel Chapter 6
Old Cryptic Vessel Chapter 8
Rusty Cryptic Vessel Chapter 9
Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel Chapter 10
Mechanical Cryptic Vessel Chapter 11

Crafted Cryptic Vessel Location

St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel

How to Get
1 Drop the brazier off a ledge to destroy the Decay on the first floor.
2 Head back to the first floor and use the underground staircase that was previously inaccessible because of the Decay.
3 Enter the room with a treasure chest inside.
4 Open the treasure chest to get the Crafted Cryptic Vessel.
5 Return to Venigni after the Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss fight.

Crafted Cryptic Vessel Solution

Elysion Boulevard → Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard

Puzzle Solution
1 Head to Elysion Boulevard.
2 Go to the Alchemist Bridge on Elysion Boulevard.
3 Throw a Sawtoothed Wheel at the puppet hanging on the bridge.
4 Pick up the clue that fell from the puppet.
5 Go back to Krat City Hall and fast travel to “Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard” Stargazer.
6 Leave the house and cross the platform nearby.
7 Enter the door on your right and open the safe to get the rewards (Quartz and Owl Doctor’s Hunting Apparel Outfit).

Jeweled Cryptic Vessel Location

Estella Opera House Entrance

How to Get
1 When you reach the room with chandelier, drop down into the huge hole.
2 Keep following the path until you reach a room with two ladders.
3 Climb up the smaller ladder to find the room with a treasure chest.
4 Open the treasure chest to get the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel.
5 Return to Venigni and give him the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel.

Jeweled Cryptic Vessel Solution

Cerasani Alley

Puzzle Solution
1 Head to Cerasani Alley Stargazer and go down the stairs nearby.
2 From the cliff, head to the farthest area that leads to a little barrel.
3 Stand next to the barrel and perform the Ground Gesture.
4 After performing the gesture, you will receive The Atoned’s Hunting Apparel Outfit and a Legion Caliber.

Old Cryptic Vessel Location

Barren Swamp Bridge → Hotel Krat

How to Get
1 Speak to the Hugo, the Rooke Explorer, standing near the Stargazer.
2 Head to Hotel Krat and speak to Venigni to learn about the first clue.

Old Cryptic Vessel Solution

Path of Pilgrim

How to Get
1 Head to the Path of Pilgrim’s Stargazer.
2 Enter the house near the Stargazer.
3 Get on the elevator and proceed to the bottom floor.
4 Turn right and go through the hill near a shack.
5 Speak to the Slum Resident to get the Robbers’ Shack Key.
6 Open the shack nearby to get the rewards.

Rusty Cryptic Vessel Location

Collapsed Krat → Hotel Krat

How to Get
1 Head to the top of the building, where you can find the swordsmen.
2 Drop down from the rooftop with a puppet that spits fire.
3 Look for a treasure chest just past the puppet to get the Special Krat Supply Box.
4 Head to Hotel Krat and give the Special Krat Supply Box to Polendina.
5 You can now buy the Rusty Cryptic Vessel from Polendina.
6 Bring the Rusty Cryptic Vessel to Venigni.

Rusty Cryptic Vessel Solution

Barren Swamp Bridge → Hermit’s Cave

How to Get
1 Head to the Barren Swamp Bridge’s Stargazer.
2 Enter the gate where you found Rookie Explorer Hugo for the first time.
3 Enter the Hermit’s Cave.
4 Reach the end of the cave.
5 Open the safe to get the rewards.

Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel Location

Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field

How to Get
1 Go to Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field and talk to Alidoro after defeating the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.
2 Kill Alidoro to get “Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel”.

Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel Solution

Hotel Krat

How to Get
1 Return to Hotel Krat and give the Cryptic Vessel to Venigni.
2 Read the decrypted message.
3 Speak to Eugénie and tell her the truth about her brother.
4 Speak to Eugénie again to unlock the “The Story of a Stranger Girl” achievement.

Mechanical Cryptic Vessel Location

Arche Abbey Broken Rift

How to Get
1 Set your starting point at the Arche Abbey Broken Rift Stargazer.
2 Follow the path until you see a ladder.
3 Avoid the Harlequin enemy on your left side and head straight.
4 Take the left path and defeat the enemy guarding a treasure chest.
5 Open the treasure chest to get the “Mechanical Cryptic Vessel.”

Mechanical Cryptic Vessel Solution

Hotel Krat → Abandoned Apartment

How to Get
1 Return to Hotel Krat and give the Cryptic Vessel to Venigni.
2 Go to Abandoned Apartment Stargazer.
3 Head up the stairs and leave the building.
4 Cross through the sign before the gate.
5 Walk over the small rock, then turn right.
6 Take the left path that leads to the streets.
7 Head up the farthest staircase.
8 Equip the “Frozen Feast” weapon, then speak to the Wandering Merchant.

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