Lies of P - All Quartz Locations

All Quartz locations guide for Lies of P, containing a list of all obtainable P Organ upgrade materials, how to get all quartz available in the game, what is quartz, and other useful information.

Lies of P - All Quartz Locations

All Quartz Locations Guide for Lies of P

List of All Quartz Locations

Location How to Get
Workshop Union Entrance Dropped by the Puppet of the Future (Boss).
Workshop Union Culvert At the Stargazer, follow the tunnel with a ball of fire until you reach the Red Fox and Black Cat. Go beyond them and turn right at the large red pipe. Unlock the green door at your right using the Trinity Key from the King of Riddles’ riddle. Open the safe inside the room to get the quartz.
St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel Dispel the Decay at the foundation of the tower, then find a cell doll that can be opened. Defeat the enemy that will appear in the chamber.
Elysion Boulevard Dispel the Decay on the ground floor of St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel by kicking down the brazier on top of the wooden tower of the chapel. After that, enter the underground chamber and grab the Crafted Cryptic Vessel inside. Go back to the Hotel Krat and speak to Venigini about decrypting the Cryptic Vessel. The first part will result in a task wherein you must hit the puppet hanging from the Alchemist Bridge on Elysion Boulevard. To do this, you can fast travel to Krat City Hall stargazer and head back to get the second clue. To acquire the next clue, use a Sawtoothed Wheel and throw it at the puppet. The second clue contains a letter with the refugee’s address and a photograph of the location you need to find. Return to Krat City and head to the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard. Go outside the house and cross the platform nearby. Then, enter the room on your right to find the quartz.
Malum District Found inside a chest at the building surrounded by crates.
Malum District Town Hall Go inside the hideout and look behind the counter after defeating the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.
Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert Head to the Stargazer and drop down to the sewers until you reach a fork. Then, drop down to the hole below and beware of the enemies ahead. Follow the path of the pipe until you reach the chest. Use the ladder nearby that leads to a Stargazer. Return to the sewers and follow the pipe that leads to the top.
Hotel Krat Use the Sturdy Krat Supply Box to expand Polendina’s shop. You can now purchase the quartz at the shop.
Estella Opera House Entrance The quartz can be found inside the room with a hanging chandelier. Drop down to find the Trinity Sanctum, which can be unlocked by using a Trinity Key. The key can be acquired by solving the riddle of the King of Riddles at the Grand Exhibition Gallery (Answer: Candle).
Barren Swamp Quartz #1: Perform the gestures that the Broken asked for at the Stargazer.

Quartz #2: Dropped by Puppet of the Future.

Quartz #3: Dropped by another Puppet of the Future.

Krat Central Station Platform Head to the Stargazer, then turn left and drop down to the decayed area to find the chest. Remember to destroy the fungus that is causing the area to decay.
Hotel Krat Purchase at Polendina’s shop after retrieving the Special Krat Supply Box from the Collapsed Workshop Tower.
Barren Swamp Bridge (Hermit’s Cave) Quartz #1: Speak with Hugo near the gate. He will tell you how much he wants to see the other side of the gate. Finish his dialogues to obtain two items; one of them is The Cryptic Vessel, which can be returned to Venigni at the Hotel Krat. After obtaining the Special Krat Supply Box at the Workshop Tower, return it to Polendina’s shop and purchase the Rusty Cryptic Vessel. Return the recently purchased cryptic vessel to Venigni to open the gate Hugo is talking about. Head to the rooftop and find the treasure chest that contains quartz.

Quartz #2: Found inside a safe located at the end of the cave.

Krat Central Station Street Defeat the Corrupted Parade Master.
Relic of Trismegistus Entrance Defeat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.
Arche Abbey Outer Wall As soon as you reach the room with two pillars in the center, head down to the floor below to discover the final Trinity Sanctum. This sanctum requires you to unlock all previous Trinity Sanctums and obtain the last Trinity Key from the ringing telephone at Krat Central Station Street. Once opened, talk to Arlecchino and answer with either a Lie or Truth to get the item.
Arche Abbey Broken Rift Quartz #1: Defeat the wooden Pinocchio that you will encounter along the way.

Quartz #2: As you explore the area, you will eventually come across two swordsmen on a staircase. Get on the ladder next to the second swordsman, then follow the path on the side and beware of the traps along the way. Once you reach the other side, you will encounter an enemy with a gatling gun. Defeat the enemy to get the item.

Abandoned Apartment As you explore the Arche Abbey Broken Rift, you will find a foggy area with a ladder nearby. Get on the ladder, and once you reach the top, you will see a Harlequin enemy. Go straight ahead, then turn left to find another enemy guarding a chest. Open the chest to get the Cryptic Vessel and go back to Hotel Krat. Give the item to Venigni and head to the Abandoned Apartment’s Stargazer. Head up the stairs and leave. Pass through the sign and stop before the gate. Look for a narrow opening and walk over the little piece of rock, then turn right and take the left route leading to the street. Go up the outermost stairwells and equip the Frozen Feast weapon before talking to the Wandering Merchant.
Ascencion Bridge Found inside a treasure chest near the screaming enemy.
Arche Abbey (Internal Bridge) Dropped by Disruption enemy that you will encounter in this area.
Barren Swamp Head to the Stargazer’s location and speak to the Broken Puppet. Then, perform the gestures that the puppet asked for.

What is Quartz?

Can be used at the P-Organ to improve Pinocchio’s abilities.

“Tiny bright fragment of ergo. When placed in Heart-P, activates a special ability.

There is a special type of ergo with a different color and vibration. The workshop uses this jewelry to bring out the different abilities of the puppets.”
Quartz is often found inside treasure chests guarded by elite enemies. It can also be dropped by Bosses in the game.

Lies of P Quartz Guide: How to Get and Use Quartz

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