Lies of P - Best Boss Weapons

Best boss weapons in Lies of P, including the strongest special weapons to exchange boss Ergos for, each recommended weapon's stats, how to get them in the game, and useful tips for using each unique armament.

Lies of P - Best Boss Weapons

Best Boss Weapons in Lies of P

Proof of Humanity

The Proof of Humanity’s fast and aggressive moveset, damage output, and combination of Fable Art all make for a powerful special weapon that lets you burst down the enemy’s HP with ease. This boss weapon has a B scaling for both Motivity and Technique and is excellent for quality builds.

The Proof of Humanity has the Link Slash and Grind Fable Arts. The latter increases your critical hit chance for a short period which synergizes well with being able to throw out a flurry of strikes with good range. The weapon gives you access to dual-wield attacks such as a fast crossing sweep and a spinning slash, both of which are extremely effective for hitting multiple targets within range.

Proof of Humanity Weapon Stats

Weapon Name Type Fable Art
Proof of Humanity Sword (Special Weapon) Link Slash, Grind
Physical Atk Critical Rate Weight
100 30 20.5
Motivity Technique Advance
Weapon Description

“A giant scissor blade used by a Nameless puppet. It is a double-edged sword that can end one’s freedom, or grant it by cutting the strings of manipulation.

Puppets are tied to strings. Humans have cut their own strings. The boy made a choice and became human.”

How to Get the Proof of Humanity

To get the Proof of Humanity, exchange the Nameless Puppet’s Ergo (dropped by Nameless Puppet “true” final boss) with Explorer Hugo at Hotel Krat (Rise of P and Free from the Puppet Strings ending routes only).

Lies of P How to Get Proof of Humanity

Two Dragons Sword

The Two Dragons Sword is among the best weapons to use for evasive Technique builds, owing to the katana’s impressively agile moveset and the highest Technique scaling (A) out of all special weapons in the game. You can also use the Two Dragons Sword’s Wind of Swords Fable Art to unleash a powerful horizontal wave that travels a good distance forward. These traits make this already formidable weapon highly versatile against different types of enemies encountered during the main story.

Players who thrive on a technical approach to combat will love the Two Dragon’s Sword charge move as it lets you perform a devastating counter and riposte when timed with an enemy’s attack.

Two Dragons Sword Weapon Stats

Weapon Name Type Fable Art
Two Dragons Sword Sword (Special Weapon) Link Dodge, Wind of Swords
Physical Atk Critical Rate Weight
107 12.9
Motivity Technique Advance
Weapon Description

“A precious sword that was at the Grand Exhibition gallery. They say it was the saber of a commander from a quiet eastern land.

The sea remembers the vow of the warrior. The general who rose up with the dragon to protect the people claimed a lonely victory in dozens of wars.”

How to Get the Two Dragons Sword

To get the Two Dragons Sword, exchange the Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo (dropped by Puppet-Devouring Green Monster of the Swamp boss) with Alidoro or Explorer Hugo at Hotel Krat.

Holy Sword of the Ark

The Holy Sword of the Ark is the best special weapon for Motivity (strength) builds, boasting an incredible moveset, damage output, and set of Fable Arts. Other notable features of this boss weapon is being able to greatly reduce damage taken when performing regular guards. The Holy Sword of the Ark has a B and C scaling for Motivity and Technique which is perfect for both pure Motivity and even quality builds in the game.

What is a “Quality” build?

The “Quality” build originates from FromSoftware’s Demon’s Souls which is used to refer to a character type that focuses on both the strength and dexterity stat to benefit from their preferred weapon’s equal scaling in both attributes. Quality builds often have one of these stats to be higher than the other or be entirely equal (1:1) based on damage scaling soft caps and other factors for build optimization.

The Holy Sword of the Ark’s offensive potential is unlocked by using its Alter and Patient Smash together. Upon activating the former, Patient Smash becomes a 5-hit sword combo with excellent range in addition to lowering your stamina use when attacking.

Holy Sword of the Ark Weapon Stats

Weapon Name Type Fable Art
Holy Sword of the Ark Greatsword (Special Weapon) Patient Smash, Alter
Physical Atk Critical Rate Weight
140+128 21.2
Motivity Technique Advance
Weapon Description

“A special greatsword that was lying asleep in the St. Frangelico Cathedral. It can transform between a special greatsword and a glaive.

The Ark Saintess’s weapon was reproduced for puppet use and it made a grand appearance at Krat events. However, its legendary holiness could not be reproduced.”

How to Get the Holy Sword of the Ark

To get the Holy Sword of the Ark, exchange the King’s Flame Ergo (dropped by King’s Flame, Fuoco boss) with Alidoro or Explorer Hugo at Hotel Krat.

Noblesse Oblige

Another good choice for Motivity builds is the Noblesse Oblige which is the only special weapon with A scaling in the Motivity stat. The main draw for this weapon is its Ergo Release Fable Art which lets you use up a fixed amount of Ergo to perform a powerful downward smash attack.

Boasting a staggering 153 physical attack, the Noblesse Oblige can easily make short work of most regular enemies and is adept at hitting groups of them thanks to its wide swings. The most obvious drawbacks to using this massive club, however, are its weight and slow attack speed. Be sure to raise your Vigor enough to stay at normal weight load and be able to unleash its full three-hit combo in battle.

Noblesse Oblige Weapon Stats

Weapon Name Type Fable Art
Noblesse Oblige Blunt (Special Weapon) Ergo Release, Endure
Physical Atk Critical Rate Weight
153 24.7
Motivity Technique Advance
Weapon Description

“A mystical cudgel made from an Ergo crystal tree. While battering enemies, it emits spores, increasing the Ergo acquisition rate.

The Stalker who desired wealth made a contract with a devil that liked music to gain a cudgel. Along with this, he was gifted with overflowing Ergo and the Petrification Disease.”

How to Get the Noblesse Oblige

To get the Noblesse Oblige, exchange the Fallen One’s (dropped by Simon Manus, Awakened God final boss) with Explorer Hugo at Hotel Krat.

Puppet Ripper

The Puppet Ripper combines good attack speed with one of the best effective ranges in the game. This scythe weapon has an incredible moveset of far-reaching diagonal and horizontal slashes. The Puppet Ripper has a B and C scaling for Technique and Motivity respectively, making it lean more towards Technique builds, though quality builds can also get results from using it.

What makes Puppet Ripper truly stand out, however, is its set of Fable Arts which are the Quick Upward Slash and Storm Spinning Slash. The first is a high-damaging single rising slash with good start up and recovery speed.

Storm Spinning Slash, meanwhile, lets you spin the weapon multiple times to hit all surrounding targets in a massive radius. This is useful for keeping most regular enemies that attack in groups at bay or for rapidly hitting human bosses who you can outrange.

Puppet Ripper Weapon Stats

Weapon Name Type Fable Art
Puppet Ripper Sword (Special Weapon) Quick Upward Slash, Storm Spinning Slash
Physical Atk Critical Rate Weight
132 21.2
Motivity Technique Advance
Weapon Description

“A chain-sickle handle that once sprayed a bloody fog over Krat. The spring device allows the handler to extend or wind up the chain easily.

Krat has a legend about a grinning hedonist murderer. They say his heart was made of clockwork.”

How to Get the Puppet Ripper

To get the Puppet Ripper, exchange the Burnt-White King’s Ergo (dropped by Romeo, King of Puppets boss) with Alidoro or Explorer Hugo at Hotel Krat.

Trident of the Covenant

The Trident of the Covenant is another special weapon that technical players can choose to use in the game. This polearm’s moveset consists of different thrust and sweeping attacks that all have very good range. The Trident of the Covenant scales with both Technique (B) and Motivity (C) and boasts a massive critical hit rate of 30. For best results, try equipping the Assassin’s Amulet when wielding this weapon to maximize crit damage as well.

The most unique feature of the Trident of the Covenant, however, is its Link Rush Stab Fable Art which lets you perform a jumping stab that deals massive damage and force the enemy into the staggerable state. Having access to the Guard Parry Fable Art, meanwhile, adds a bit more versatility to this weapon by giving you an option to deflect and counter telegraphed enemy attacks.

Trident of the Covenant Weapon Stats

Weapon Name Type Fable Art
Trident of the Covenant Blunt (Special Weapon) Link Rush Stab, Guard Parry
Physical Atk Critical Rate Weight
115 30.00 16.4
Motivity Technique Advance
Weapon Description

“A ritual trident that was lying asleep in the relic of Trismegistus. It is presumed to have once belonged to a great warrior who served an ancient king.

The warrior of the sea vowed to protect the people from the cursed relic. He kept his vow when his skin was mashed until it was green.”

How to Get the Trident of the Covenant

To get the Trident of the Covenant, exchange the Twisted Angel’s Ergo (dropped by Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss) with Alidoro or Explorer Hugo at Hotel Krat.

Golden Lie

The Golden Lie is another exceptional quality weapon that has incredible range with a moveset consisting mostly of wide sweeping attacks. This makes it incredibly reliable for hitting multiple enemies when you are surrounded. At C scaling for both Motivity and Technique, this armament is suited for “true” quality builds that aim for a 1:1 ratio in each stat.

The Golden Lie comes with the Storm Attack and Furious Golden Hits Fable Arts, the latter of which is highly-effective for damaging groups of enemies that come in all directions. The rapid hits you land as you twirl the long weapon around is also good for forcing enemies, especially bosses, into the Staggerable state.

The Golden Lie is quite light and has an unusually fast swing speed for its class. This lets you land more hits before needing to guard or dodge as the enemy retaliates.

Golden Lie Weapon Stats

Weapon Name Type Fable Art
Golden Lie Blunt (Special Weapon) Storm Attack, Furious Golden Hits
Physical Atk Critical Rate Weight
94 12.3
Motivity Technique Advance
Weapon Description
To be confirmed.

How to Get the Golden Lie

To get the Golden Lie, go to Geppetto’s study at Hotel Krat and examine the portrait there after defeating Simon Manus, Arm of God and Awakened God. If you are on a “Pure Lies” playthrough (Rise of P story route), you should notice that the portrait has a long nose. Play all Records you have one after the other. Then, examine the portrait again to get the Golden Lie special weapon.

Lies of P How to Get Golden Lie

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